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Edgar Berlanga continues his campaign to become the next opponent for undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez.

With zero notable wins to his eight-year pro record, Berlanga puts forward Mexico's take on Puerto as a key argument for why Canelo (61-2-2, 39 KOs) should choose to fight him next.

Question about resume

It's not an ideal way to promote a fight, but it's the only thing Berlanga (22-0, 17 KOs) can offer because he has fewer opponents on his resume.

When Berlanga left Top Rank, it was believed that his new promoter, Eddie Hearn, would be able to match him with a good opponent so that he could earn a fight with Canelo.

Questionable “superstar” status

Instead, Hearn gave Berlanga two warm-up fights against Padraig McCrory and Jason Quigley. He now feels he's done enough to appreciate the world title fight against Canelo, with Berlanga even calling himself a “superstar.”

It's weird because unless we've really lowered the bar for what it takes to be a superstar these days, Berlanga doesn't come close. Trainer Stephen Edwards says Berlanga is still on “coach.”perspective” stage and is not a superstar.

Edwards doesn't understand how Berlanga managed to reach the top spot in the WBA rankings because he didn't beat anyone to get that high ranking. His best victories came against lesser fighters:

Padraig McCrory
Jason Quigley
Concerts of Marcelo Esteban
Steve Rolls: 40
Roamer Alexis Angulo: 40
Demond Nicholson

Berlanga could have earned a fight with Canelo if he fought David Morrell or Caleb Plant, but he has shown no interest in fighting those guys. He only wants the Canelo fight, and some fans believe Berlanga is just looking for a paycheck without earning it.

Nationalist sale

“It’s Mexico versus Puerto Rico. I’m the biggest achievement from Puerto Rico,” Edgar Berlanga, a Brooklyn, New York native, told Dan Rafael’s Substack site. “I sell tickets. Celebrities stood behind me. I have the whole world.

“It’s not just Puerto Ricans. I thrive on the Internet. Mexican fans love me. People want this fight,” Berlanga said of his belief that fans want to see him and Canelo Alvarez fight.

“A lot of people can't use social media, but you all see the love I get in Vegas. I was there all this week. People want this fight,” Berlanga said of his presence at the weigh-in and Canelo's title defense fight against Jaime Munguia at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last week.

“This fight will sell. This fight will go down in boxing history. You have Mexico versus Puerto Rico. You got a superstar Mexican fighter (Canelo) and a superstar Puerto Rican fighter (Berlanga).

Title blockade

“It’s about whether you can fight and sell tickets. I haven’t been able to fight for the title for the last three years because that’s how long he (Canelo) has held it,” Berlangta said of Canelo holding all four super middleweight titles.

What Berlanga doesn't say is that he could have fought for the world title against “regular” WBA 168-pound champion David Morrell Jr. because it was his mandatory, but he decided not to fight him.

So when Berlanga says he can't fight for a world title, he's being a little disingenuous because he could fight Morrell, which would give him a valuable belt that could be used to improve his chances against Canelo.

Of course, if Morrell had beaten Berlanga, he would have been a nobody. Therefore, Berlanga decided not to fight Morrell, which some fans believed was a sign that he lacked confidence.

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