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British welterweight Conor Benn continues to be dogged by problems trying to be cleared to fight in the UK after he tested positive twice for the banned drug clomiphene in 2022.

Today's bad news for 27-year-old Benn (23-0, 14 KOs) comes as the UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) has once again suspended him after they won an appeal against the NADP's decision to overturn his suspension. They allowed Benn to continue his career, but that is no longer happening.

Consequences for Benn's career

The reinstatement of Matchroom-promoted Conor Benn's suspension was a huge disappointment for him, his team and promoter Eddie Hearn. This means Benn will not be able to fight in the UK, where his main fan base is located.

This leaves Benn in a situation where he will have to continue to fight in the US, likely in front of a small crowd. Benn hasn't been able to win over American fans the way he did with British fans, as American fans aren't thrilled about him being the son of British legend Nigel Benn.

American boxing fans have never heard of Nigel Benn, so they are not as interested in Conor Benn's career as UK fans. But here's the thing: even if Nigel were from the US, American fans still wouldn't be as excited about watching Conor Benn fight as they are in the UK. This is a different country.

In the US you really have to prove yourself and you can't depend on a famous dad gaining the kind of following that he does in the UK. For example, Muhammad Ali's grandson Nico Ali Walsh does not have a large following in the US, despite being associated with great people.

UKAD will continue to investigate Benn before his sentencing hearing. The good news for Benn is that he can continue to fight in the US until he is finally allowed to fight in the UK.

If Benn continues to look as lackluster as he has of late, it may not matter when he is eventually cleared to fight in the UK. He looked bad in his two fights in the US against Peter Dobson and Rodolfo Orozco.

Many boxing fans have noticed that the punching power that Benn displayed in fights against Chris Algieri, Samuel Vargas and Chris Van Heerden has now disappeared. Benn looks as weak and vulnerable now as he did when he struggled to defeat second-division fighter Cedric Paynaud in 2018.

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