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Promoter Eddie Hearn is seeking a life ban for Ryan Garcia if he is found to have intentionally used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) during his fight against Devin Haney on April 20.

Hearn's position on PEDs

Hearn says he “really hopes” Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) didn't take PEDs on purpose to improve his performance against his fighter, WBC welterweight champion Haney (31-1, 15 KOs), but if he did it, he should “Never let me fight again.” Ryan tested positive for the banned substance ostarine in his two best results on April 19 and 20.

That's a pretty strong stance for Hearn to take on Ryan, who may have ruined Haney's chance at superstardom by dominating him by a 12-round majority decision and knocking him down three times in the fight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Ryan knocked the daylights out of Haney, pummeling him around the ring and forcing him to clinch non-stop starting in the seventh round. If the referee had not decided not to deduct points from Haney for holding the ball excessively, Ryan most likely would have stopped him.

Some boxing fans may view Hearn's call for Ryan to be banned for life as disingenuous as he is not holding his fighter Conor Benn to the same standards after testing positive for PEDs.

Hearn insists there is no competition

“He came into the ring with performance-enhancing drugs and now he has to prove he didn't take them intentionally,” promoter Eddie Hearn told the media today, recounting Ryan Garcia's two positive tests for PEDs in April last year before his fight against Devin Haney.

Hearn wants Haney's defeat to be declared a nullity to remove the stain on his reputation and return it to the pristine, shining state it was in before the horror of last April.

I don't know if it matters. The horse has already left the barn, and fans have already witnessed what happened to Haney. It doesn't matter if the loss is erased. Haney is lost in the eyes of fans and they see him as having a weak chin and lack of strength.

“If he did not take them intentionally, I feel very sorry for him and I hope that innocence will prevail. If he actually took them on purpose and cheated, that's a different story and he may never be able to fight again… You see the footage of him with the IVs, it's not pretty,” Hearn said of Ryan Garcia.

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