Is it worth waiting for Terzic at a top club: Is there a demand for the Borussia coach among the giants

Edin Terzic is on an amazing journey. A couple of months ago it seemed that he should be fired, but now he is a Champions League finalist. Online edition “Euro-Futbol.Ru” trying to understand the mentor phenomenon.

Terzic's thorny path

In general, Edin Terzic's career looks incredible. He started out in Dortmund working with the youths, then assisted Slaven Bilic at Besiktas and West Ham before returning to the Bumblebees to help Lucien Favre. When the latter was fired, it was Terzic who became the acting head coach and won the German Cup, but the club decided to bet on someone else. He remained at Borussia in the role of technical director, and in 2022 he still headed the team.

In his first season, Terzic almost won the Bundesliga – he gave the title to Bayern, failing to win at home in the final round. As the current season progressed, Borussia collapsed, and it seemed that the coach’s days were numbered. However, against the backdrop of failures in the Bundesliga, the Bumblebees worked wonders in the Champions League. First, Borussia left the “group of death” in first place, heroically snatched success from Atlético in the quarterfinals, and now has made it to the final, defeating PSG.

The bottom line is that in 2.5 years of coaching, Terzic has won the German Cup, second place in the Bundesliga and at least the Champions League final. Despite this, the 41-year-old specialist is not perceived by the public as a great talent.

Why is Terzic not appreciated?

The fact that Terzic is not taken seriously is easily proven. This spring, three clubs were looking for head coaches, and one (Bayern) is still in the process. However, Terzic's name never appeared in these cases. This despite the fact that sometimes some surprising candidates were named.

Terzic is not taken seriously for several reasons. On the one hand, the defeat in the Bundesliga last season was too painful. Borussia did not show phenomenal football, but the fate of the title was in its hands before the last round, when it was necessary to simply win at home against not the strongest opponent. However, the “bumblebees” crumbled, conceded twice and achieved only a draw, which became silver. This season, Borussia made significant improvements in the second part of the season, when Nuri Sahin took the place of Terzic’s assistant. And although it is impossible to verify, it seems to many that it was the Turk who played the most important role in the development of Borussia's current style.

The “bumblebee” style is another complaint against Terzic. Many people remember Borussia as a fun, attacking team, a little crazy. However, Dortmund are not like that now. In the matches with PSG, Borussia was close to the bus, which cut off the oxygen to the opponent and simply took advantage of its attacks.

What does the future hold for Terzic?

Frankly speaking, it is not even clear what awaits Terzic in the next season. If Dortmund had not reached the Champions League final, his dismissal would have been an expected decision. The Bumblebees are fifth in the Bundesliga, and it will be extremely difficult to rise to the top four. This season, German clubs have performed well in European competitions, and fifth place gives a position in the Champions League for next year, but in general the result is not the best. Moreover, it is even clear who would replace Terzic. With a 99.9% probability, Nuri Sahin would become the new coach. However, it will be extremely strange to say goodbye to the coach who sensationally led the Bumblebees to the Champions League final.

Could Terzic be taken away from Borussia? It can be assumed that Bayern is going crazy. The Munich team needs a new coach one way or another, and here is a German, a Champions League finalist. True, the decision will be controversial. And it’s not a fact that Terzic himself will want to voluntarily leave Dortmund.

One way or another, it is still unclear in principle how successful Terzic will be as a coach. Reaching the Champions League final is not a guarantee of a great career. Roberto di Matteo won the tournament, Abraham Grant reached the decisive match, after which both disappeared. On the other hand, Terzic had a crazy path to his final, and there is reason to believe that he will continue to fight for every chance he gets.

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