Gladilin explained why Spartak beat Krasnodar

Former Spartak coach Valery Gladilin in an exclusive interview for the online publication “Euro-Futbol.Ru” spoke about the victory over Krasnodar and Zenit's defeat from CSKA.

– Didn’t it seem to you that luck was on Spartak’s side today, and largely thanks to it, the Muscovites managed to achieve victory?

– “Spartak” played relaxed. When the opponents are equal, luck is necessary. It was because the guests had two 100% chances. Southerners didn't use them. And Zobnin scored such a goal! This is his only goal of the season and such a masterpiece. It happens.

– Sliskovic said after the match that it would be correct if the score were a draw. Do you agree with him?

– I agree completely. The game was equal. On the side of “Spartak” was Zobnin’s luck and performing skills during the scoring strike. And the southerners had chances and they should have scored, but they didn’t. The one who used his moment won.

– Krasnodar has only one victory in its last five championship matches. What's happening to the Southerners?

– This is psychology. Plus, everyone began to treat Krasnodar as leaders. All teams are fighting now, including outsiders. Even the average players want to take points, although they don’t really need anything anymore. But no one wants to end the season with defeats. Therefore, everyone is trying to play very brightly with the leaders. That’s why it’s hard for Zenit. He also loses. And if we go back to Krasnodar, he doesn’t have the kind of skill that could decide matches. In addition, the team became functionally depressed, and their luck ran out.

– The choice of Musaev by the leadership of the southerners does not justify itself?

– It's difficult to understand the situation. I don’t know what happened to Ivich, what the nuances were. But even in this situation, Krasnodar still has a chance for gold. Even if they take second place, that will also be a success. We must not forget that in the last round they are hosting Dynamo at home and can provide the desired result. They haven't lost the season yet.

– Musaev said after the match with Spartak that his team missed the chance to become a champion. But then Zenit unexpectedly lost. The rivals seem to be giving each other chances.

– He did not expect that CSKA would beat Zenit in St. Petersburg.

– Were you surprised by the result in St. Petersburg?

– Certainly. I was sure that Zenit would win, come away and finish the championship. But in football things are not so simple. Forecasts do not always come true.

– Who is your favorite in the championship race now?

– It’s still Zenit. Although if “Dynamo” comes out on top, then you’ll have to watch.

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