Musaev: “In none of the last three matches did we deserve the result we got”

Krasnodar head coach Murad Musaev gave a comment to Match TV after the game with Spartak.

– Another match of missed opportunities. If we had scored Kadi, it would probably have been a completely different game. Why are these moments so difficult, why is there such a problem with implementation?

– In general, in the last three matches we did not deserve the result that we received. Of course, this is the implementation of moments. And they score fairly easy goals into our goal, almost from the very first opportunity. This is not an excuse, we ourselves are to blame for this. This means that we are not improving somewhere. It’s all hard, it’s a difficult moment. All the fans, the whole city hoped that we could compete for the title. And now these opportunities are disappearing. This is very painful. But while there are two matches, we need to do everything possible to achieve the maximum result in them.

– Was there a temptation at the end of the match to simplify the game and send the same Tormen to help Cordoba or Kayo, just throw at them and somehow score?

– To do this, you need a certain preparation, you need to train such moments, the same bulk needs to be trained. There haven't been that many opportunities yet. We were working on another one. Of course, it was necessary to give more, give more people, run to Chernikov and others to complete it. But the guys tried and gave their all in the second half. It was clear that the ending was physically difficult, but everyone left their strength on the field, they wanted to score, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

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