Rafael Nadal: I don't know if I will play at the French Open, if I do, I will fight and try my best

After a lopsided 6-1, 6-3 loss to Hubert Hurkacz today at the Rome Masters, Rafael Nadal has yet to confirm whether he will take part in the French Open.

The French will demand the Spaniard play best-of-three in a tournament he has won 14 times. It would seem unlikely that he would not play, but Nadal will not agree to that.

“Today on the court you can see how difficult it is,” Nadal said. This is the answer, isn't it? Yes, this is an option that can happen today and you need to accept it.

“Now there are two ways. Perhaps you can say: “Okay, I’m not ready, I’m not playing well enough.” Then the time came to decide not to participate in Roland Garros.

“The other option is to accept who I am today and work hard to try to be different in two weeks.

“The decision, as you can imagine, is not yet clear to me today. But if I have to say what I feel, and if my opinion is somehow closer, I will say that I will be at Roland Garros and will try my best. Physically I have some problems, but probably not enough yet to say that I will not participate in the most important event of my tennis career.

“Let's see what happens, how I feel mentally tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in a week. If I feel like I'm ready, I'll try to be there and fight for what I've been fighting for the last 15 years. If now, it seems impossible.

Nadal has not played a best-of-three match since the 2023 Australian Open and has not played in France for two years.

Nadal, however, has won several matches over the past month, and while a title fight in Paris seems impossible, at least he was able to get past a few rounds.

Finally, Nadal added that this may not be his last appearance in Rome. He wouldn't rule it out. You can see why:

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