Slishkovich explained the absence of Dzhikia and Sobolev from the lineup

And about. Spartak head coach Vladimir Slishkovich gave a comment to Match TV before the game with Krasnodar.

– In the first round, Spartak lost to Krasnodar 0:2 away. How important is it for you personally to return the favor to Krasnodar?

– It was a long time ago. I don't think about it. Each game has its own story, we can’t get hung up on how it happened and who won. Much has changed since then. In the end, the teams had other coaches and new players. So we were simply preparing for today’s Krasnodar, and he was preparing for us. We'll see who wins today.

– Today’s match, as in Nizhny Novgorod, Srdjan Babic, almost the best player of the team in the spring, misses. How significant is the loss? Why doesn’t Georgy Dzhikia appear in the lineup in this regard?

– It's the coach's choice. There is no coach who wants a player to get injured. Unfortunately, this happens. We have other players who can do their job very well, just like Srdjan did. So nothing changes for me. As for Georgiy, this was my choice, because I think that he needs to be given time to return and feel the field for a minute. I don’t think he’s ready to jump into the game right away today, because we’re expecting a physically very difficult game. I’m not sure that this game suits Georgiy today.

– Today again Alexander Sobolev starts the match on the bench. In terms of structure, what should Spartak's game be like?

– Each player has his own characteristics. When, for example, Ugalde and Ignatov play, the team is expected to play one kind of football, and if Sobolev plays another. This is true everywhere in the world. I'm just lucky that I have a choice, I have the opportunity to think. We have a big difference with Krasnodar, because we have both the Cup and the championship, but the opponent doesn’t think about the Cup. I have to think about everything. I believe that the starting players who will take the field are ready physically and mentally to win this match.

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