MMA study: increase in dangerous driving behavior​​​

(AOF) – The MMA study on occupational road risk is 10 years old. On this occasion, MMA questioned working people to find out their driving behavior during their professional journeys and their knowledge of the risks linked to these journeys. According to the conclusions of their survey, the use of telephones while driving has increased significantly over the past 10 years. In 2024, 80% of workers say they receive phone calls while driving when they work and 74% make them (respectively +7 points and +14 points since 2015).

57% of active people say they read SMS (+4 points) and 48% send them (+6 points). Other uses, such as consulting an application, a site, an email or using social networks, are also progressing compared to 2015, even if they are carried out to a lesser extent.

Concerning speed, 7 out of 10 workers say they drive above the limits during business trips. The frequency of adopting these behaviors tends to increase: 41% say they often or sometimes drive above the authorized speed (+5 points).

Another significant risk: drowsiness while driving. 80% of workers say they have already driven while tired on a professional journey (+2 points vs. 2015). 66% have driven very tired, 60% for more than 2 hours without taking a break and 33% have already dozed off at the wheel.

Finally, 15% of workers say they have already driven while having consumed more than 2 glasses of alcohol, a share that has remained stable since 2015.

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