Play Golf Zoute Trophy powered by Puilaetco, Saturday June 8 –

THE Royal Zoute Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in Belgium. And it is therefore in full maturity that it welcomes prestigious tournaments throughout the year.

This is why it is always a joy to propose a price and, since 2015, the Play Golf magazine took up residence there.

This year, it's under a timid sun of June that, between pines, hawthorns, birches and poplars, the few 200 participants were able to compete in a very pleasant coastal atmosphere.

From 6:30 p.m., the time came to reward the winners with a prize table “ royally » busy. The day ended with a champagne cocktail Song of Aeolus accompanied by the little croquettes for which the clubhouse Zoute!

Thanks to our sponsor Puilaetcoto our partners PuntaCana Resort And DSas well as to our generous supporters Nathan, Cinoco, Segafredo And Hanno. The meeting has already been set for next year, to the great pleasure of the magazine and… Zoutois players

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