Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Accrington – Bradford City Online TV Channel

Accrington – Bradford City Online TV Channel. Simon Grayson, the second of the quartets who led the Valley Parade since the beginning of the year, spent three months before solving this task, not for him and leaving the two-year contract.

Accrington – Bradford City Online TV

In the short space where he was training, and around the manager, he had clear ideas. Everyone knows their work until 3 o’clock in the afternoon every Saturday. This is what you want as a player, without gray areas.

Alex Jones of Bradford During this time, Jones had an ankle injury that required two operations: this was the reason for the lack of contact between the couple. The main objective of the head coach was to try to stop the slide, which captured the city from strong opponents in the playoffs from January to spring.

But even in this case, if something illustrates the almost constant state of the flow, which in recent months has tightened the club, then this is certainly true.

“Things can change quickly, and there have been three managers since the last time I played,” Jones said about a year later when they saw Stuart McCall, Grayson, Michael Collins, and now David Hopkin has moved into a dugout. “But this is soccer.

You just need to look at other clubs to see how quickly managers can change. Look at Aston Villa; they lost in the playoff finals (championship), and now the manager has changed. “Regarding the fact that he did not have the opportunity to speak with Grayson, Jones emphasized that there is nothing unpleasant and that it is due to the circumstances.

“I had just started the rehabilitation, but the pain started in my ankle,” recalls the striker when the former manager of Leeds United arrived in February. “I had an operation, when this was done, the season ended, so I did not have a chance.” Jones’ severe injury finally ended midway through the week.

An 8-minute cameo from the bank, as the City lost 4-1 at home, so Oldham Athletic in the Checkatrade Trophy represented their first competition in 11 months. Meanwhile, much has changed. Of the 17 players who joined Jones on the team, that on the afternoon of November, when Plymouth Argyle won 1-0, only Nathaniel Knight-Percival, Jordan Gibson and Jake Reeves are still in the club. Reeves also has not played since January due to an injury.

Jones, with a broad smile on his face, added: “Greg (Abbott) said when I started training:” Gaffer, this is Johns, it’s a pleasure to meet you. “That was pretty fun.