Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Bournemouth vs Man United Direct TV Link

Bournemouth vs Man United Direct TV Link. Manchester United hope to leave the table after an impressive home defeat to West Bromwich Albion over the weekend when they visit Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium on Wednesday (see live at 2:45 pm ET).

Man United vs Bournemouth Direct TV Link

This is a match between United and Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. 71 points of the “Red Devils” are written by “Liverpool” for one, and “Spurs” for three.

Bournemouth would like to finish the top half, and enter the day by three points from 10th place Newcastle United, although he played another game.



Simon Francis from Bournemouth at the club: “We are in the third season in the Premier League and we no longer play. I think you can be a victim of this in your first season, because sometimes you do not know what to expect. ”

David De Gea of Manchester United recovered from the loss of the WBA: “It was difficult. It was a real blow, and we all lost a bit. It was such an unexpected defeat. But it’s good that we have a game right behind this defeat. This is a real opportunity to get up and get back to victory. ”

Luciano Spalletti sent Inter to second place in the Italian first division, and after a great victory over Lazio with a score of 3: 0 at the Stadio Olimpico, they say that the former Serie A giant has returned.

The tactical skills of Spalletti have not only reached all the goals of the city of Mauro Icardi, which has been a constant in Inter’s protocol during the last three seasons, but also of support. Marcelo Brozovic continued his fantastic world championship with a great start in the club’s campaign, Matías Vecino became a vital part of the midfield, and Stefan de Vrias matured to help carry out the most complete defense of Serie A so far. .

Then, there was a surprise when Spalletti left Vrij off the team table in a massive game against his old club on Monday.

Spalletti went on to explain his decision after winning 3-0, and said he wanted to protect the Dutch defender from a potentially hostile crowd. “This is a matter of environment,” Spalletti said after the game. “It was not necessary for him to whistle the whole stadium, he’s an infinitely mature and sensible kid, if he made some mistakes, he would not be in an optimal state to play.”

This step is remarkable, given the history of the bridge between the two clubs. The last appearance of a 26-year-old for his former club at the Stadio Olimpico led Inter on the last day of the season, and his mistake put Mauro Icardi in a penalty kick in the 78th minute. Icardi would level the match, and Inter I would continue to win and take a place in the Lazio Champions League on the last day of the season. His subsequent decision to leave Lazio and join Inter during the summer made many Lazio fans include the Dutchman.

Add another brand to the management limit of the Spalletti man, although it was risky. If something went wrong, the back would most likely return to Spalletti’s decision to sit on De Vridge in favor of the Brazilian back of Miranda, 34. But here we are talking about a great victory that made Inter beat Napoli in second place because of the difference in the goal.