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First Man Around The World

First Man Around The World. You might think that a movie about Neil Armstrong, a man who landed on the moon with stone knives and bear bears, to put it in a comparative way, and, like an ingenious Starfleet officer, might be a little more festive.

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Suffice to say that if you go to the “First Man”, expecting a stormy celebration of the first incursions of humanity into space with the spirit of “The Right Material” of 1983, then your approach vector will be incorrect.

And, frankly, I’m not quite sure what the appropriate vector should be. In the end, my expectations collapsed and the wall was burned, that star Ryan Gosling and his director La La Land Damien Chazel gave a speech about the space legend.

We see to what extent Armstrong’s commitment motivates him, the risk and determination to overcome all failures.
We see how the family tragedy leaves him devastated and returns to pursue him at certain points of his long journey from Earth to the Moon.

But Gosling or Chazel never allowed us to understand that this makes a man whom his companions consider a reluctant and modest hero to do just that.

Omission of screenwriter Josh Singer in the adaptation of James Hansen Armstrong’s biography? Are the areas left unexplored by the author himself? Perhaps the future reading of the First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong will help fill in the many gaps that remain after this observation.

In contrast, Claire Foy (The Crown), as Armstrong’s first wife, Janet, is an open book, which does not try to hide her emotions / anger at the constant exaggeration of her husband’s emotions and the fears of his chosen career .

In fact, several times when the “First Man” ticks above his emotional tone, when Foy and Gosling share the screen, especially in the scene where Armstrong is about to embark on a fateful flight without saying goodbye to his children.

And in addition to Armstrong’s highly protected image, I also had problems with the way the film relates to many important figures of the time. For example, most of Nasa’s other luminaries are nothing but hikes, which, if necessary, provide an important or informed dialogue, and then leave the frame.

Armstrong’s other lunar travelers, Buzz Aldrin (Corey Stoll) and Mike Collins (Lucas Haas), briefly reject, and Aldrin mostly publishes a strong and ruthless voice, and Collins is an almost silly witness in the case, until he speaks some questions: phase lines during space flight

Technically, the “First Man” is a miracle, since it is a technology that, apparently, seems to recreate in the early years of the space race, to be ashamed of claustrophobic cabins and cabins inside the cabin during flights basic and launch missions.

Chazelle also manages to squeeze the maximum tension from the events that have gone down in history, which is the most irreconcilable spoiler when it comes to those films.

Then, the spoiler: Armstrong and Aldrin land on the moon, and the entire landing sequence is each part of the wonderfully organized central part of the movie you were waiting for.

Then, a small spoiler: the Armstrong family disappears completely due to the sight during the whole sequence.
Of course, it could be a cliché to portray his joy and relief that Armstrong has succeeded in the first part of his mission: to get there. And, in addition, going home would also be another great leap of faith, but the whole trip was avoided.

This is just one of the many unconventional narrative options that Chazel does, and although I can not question his decisions, I can say that they left at least a spatial recognition coming from the First Man, feeling empty, like the emptiness between them. worlds

First person
Director: Damien Chazel

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Kyle Chandler, Jason Clark, Corey Stoll, Lucas Haas, Patrick Fugit, Ciaran Hinds, Shea Wigam

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