Fri. Apr 26th, 2019



JOSHUA VS POVETKIN Live Stream. Anthony Joshua returns to Wembley tonight at the heavyweight for the title of world champion against Alexander Povetkin of Russia. Povetkin, who won Olympic gold in 2004, is a mandatory challenger for the WBA title, but Joshua’s four divisional belts will also be at stake in London.



Russia was given the title of world champion after Joshua could not agree on a battle with Diontey Wilder.
Povetkin is a terrible challenge for Joshua, who only once tried to defeat his career.


This defeat occurred in 2013 against Wladimir Klitschko, who lost last year against Joshua at Wembley.
As a local fighter and with a higher profile of the two, Joshua is expected to save much more than his rival.
It is believed that Joshua will earn 20 million pounds, and Povetkin – 6 million pounds.

The fight is tracking to decompose $ 1.2 million for the purchase of purchases in a boxing tournament in the United Kingdom. Joshua urged the British public to support him after he criticized for not getting a fight with Diontey Wilder.

“I can not please everyone, so I realized this, and now it’s my game,” Joshua told BBC Sport. “I enjoyed it with pleasure, I did 16 fights and I took the world title, three amateur years, I went and won the Olympic Games, I combined a heavyweight division, and it’s not good enough yet.”

Povetkin, 38, was WBA champion between 2011 and 2013 and is now a mandatory WBA challenger, which means that Joshua must fight him or be stripped of his title.

Povetkin knocked out David Price on the Joshua / Parker card in Cardiff and suffered a single loss since his professional debut in 2005, losing by unanimous decision to Vladimir Klitschko in Moscow in 2013.

Yes. In fact, it will be a meeting of two former Olympic champions. Povetkin won heavy gold at the Athens Games in 2004, and Joshua – in London in London. The fight against Povetkin now means that Joshua will have more freedom to choose his next opponent, perhaps Diontey Wilder.

As mentioned above, Joshua has three of the four most important world titles: IBF, WBA and WBO, with WBC Wilder, the only thing that separates him is the undisputed heavyweight champion. The last boxer says that in 2000 was Lennox Lewis.

Joshua fights with Povetkin as a mandatory battle, but Wilder is the opponent he wants. However, if Povetkin defeats Joshua, the discussion of the association may change. Time will tell. Both parties say they want this to happen. This does not happen this year.


“I can not wait to get back in the ring, the end of March feels a long time ago, Povetkin is a serious challenge, which I will carefully prepare for, he has a serious pedigree, and only stupidity underestimates the fact that he brings the table.

“This is not the height of a person, it’s a man’s struggle, he fought with people like me, his whole life, he was used to tall guys, he is able to slide and throw punches, so I have to make sure that he does not give you gaps or discoveries, this is not the height in question, it’s that easy and resolute. ”

Alexander Povetkin:
“The battle for the world title was always my goal, I fought at this moment to meet the strongest in the world, and on September 22, I have my chance.” Anthony Joshua has four belts, and I love them all. Our fight will finally take place, the meeting of two Olympic champions in the ring is bound to be an exciting event. ”

Promoter Eddie Hearn:
“I can not wait to go back to Wembley, because, in my opinion, this will be one of the biggest events of AJ’s career.” The last time he was there, he produced one of the most dramatic fights and finals in the history of the world. sports, and I hope that this fight is full of energy and drama.

“Povetkin is a heavyweight and extremely dangerous troika, but at AJ I see the best heavyweight in the world today, and I think we will see an important statement.”

Deontay Wilder:
“Most likely he (Joshua) could get a pitch from this fight (Povetkin).” This was the least concern, because everyone wants it.When all this is wanted, then there is nothing that can prevent the struggle of this possible opportunity.
“Even when he announces Povetkin, they talk about me, wherever we go, they talk about this battle.

“In the end, Joshua and I do not need each other, not survive and live, we do this before we meet, and we’ll do it after we meet. “But for this battle to happen, for fans to see one of the greatest battles in world history and see a champion, a person, a name, we definitely need each other.”

Anthony Joshua promised to “close” the power of Alexander Povetkin. The 39-year-old rival was defeated only once in his career, lost to Wladimir Klitschko in 2013 and can boast of having 24 knockouts of 34 victories.

Promoter Eddie Hearn fears the fight will be Joshua’s second hardest race for his epic victory over Klitschko last year. And the 28-year-old, of course, does not take his opponent lightly.


Brit said: “In the heavyweight division, not only are they talented, but a stroke changes the course of the battle, we all know this story. “He has so much power, he has big knockouts in his record, so I have to do business.
“Threat with a left hook, but not only that, how hard they are, how much do they want?

“He may have the best left hook in the world, but if I continue to hit him and break him, he can prevent me from doing it, so these attributes must be closed first.” “I must destroy this from the beginning, he has a lot in the locker, so I need to take control first.

“The last time at Wembley was against Klitschko, and I think Povetkin is the right opponent to take this fighting style away from me, it’s” W “. Hearn admitted that he was “nervous” about the autopsy, which will be unbeaten by Joshua’s 22nd professional fight.

“This is a massive show, a massive event with the biggest star in world boxing and the best heavyweight in the world,” said Herne. “But I’m a little nervous, because I think this is a much more fierce battle than what people owe to it.” Fans know how big the fight is and how hard it is to fight.

“Outside of Klitschko, I think on paper this is the toughest fight of Joshua’s career so far. “He’s expected to win, but Povetkin hit hard, he has a good chin, he’s strong, I hope this is a real test.”


Assuming Joshua does not suffer damage, all eyes will be on a possible battle to unite the division against WBC titlist Donant Wilder. But Hearn warned Wilder, who this year will fight his compatriot Tyson Fury Joshua, and his team will return to the table or risk losing a ship.

“We want an indisputable fight, but it’s very difficult to fight when other teams are not particularly interested in communicating with you,” Hearn added. “For us it is all Saturday, and then the mandatory defense of the WBO, but an undisputed fight will be resolved, it is just a case in which we can do it.

“My advice to the Wilder team, if we beat Povetkin, is that he is in a hurry, because you do not have enough time.”
• Anthony Joshua won 1/8
• Draw 40/1
• The winner Alexander Povetkin won 8/1
Joshua earns points. Povetkin may be 38 years old, but in the fall of his career, but he is still a very tough competitor and will be the main obstacle for the British. This fight is likely to pass the distance.