Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

“Man City vs Man Utd @ Free first at the finish line!”

Man City vs Man Utd Free first at the finish line

Man City vs Man Utd Free first at the finish line!” The Manchester City Derby, Manchester City against Manchester United, was scheduled for February 26, but had to be postponed due to the EFL Cup final between United and Southampton.

Man City vs Man Utd @ Free first at the finish line

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This match ended with United 3-2 at Wembley, which means that MU is currently in possession of the first silver of the season.

However, United against City Derby should be rescheduled. When this happens, it will be a derby like no other. In recent months, City and United have shown tremendous performances. Both team leaders also want to win. What will the next derby be like?



As mentioned earlier, Manchester United won the EFL Cup final against Southampton with a strong 3-2 finish. According to experts and analysts, the team could have done better, but, nevertheless, it was a good match.
Manchester United also won all five of its last five games.

In addition to the result of 3-2 against Southampton, the team also won the Premier League match against Watford (2: 0), the European game against St. Etienne (3-0), the FA Cup game against Blackburn Rovers ( 1-2) and, of course, his last European game against Saint-Etienne (0-1).

Famous players, including Ibrahimovic and Mata, are in excellent condition. In fact, José Mourinho believes a lot in his best players. The game against Saint-Etienne, for example, showed that Ibra scored all three goals for an impressive victory.

Manchester City on the rise
On the other side of the field, we have Manchester City, a team that also shows excellent performances. They won four of their last five matches, including the Champions League match against Monaco. It was a particularly interesting game that could be seen, especially after the City had a strong return of 1-3 to 5-3 wins.

This victory was almost as epic as the 2011 Italian game of 6 nations against France. It has been presented as one of the best moments of Ladbrokes rugby; On the right, I have to add. After suffering 6-18 against France, Italy achieved a very strong return and won the match 22-21.

Let’s not forget that the overall performance of the city in the Premier League is better than that of Manchester United. The city now ranks third with a total of 52, and United stays in sixth place with 48 points.

The Manchester Derby is always impressive. The EFL Cup meeting between the two teams, which ended in a United victory by 1 goal, was very interesting to watch. His last match in the Premier League took place in September. That day the city won 1-2.

The teams are very well balanced and have incredible players, ready to show their best performances. Both Mourinho and Guardiola also want to show what their teams can really do, especially since both were under great pressure to play even better in the Premier League. It definitely meets expectations.