Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

“Man City vs Man Utd Free – see the light!”

Man City vs Man Utd Free - see the light

Man City vs Man Utd Free – see the light!” After a failed FA Cup final, Manchester City can only claim the top four in the Premier League. But they are on the edge of the zone, since their fourth position is only 1 point higher than their Manchester United rivals.

Man City vs Man Utd Free - see the light

Man City vs Man Utd Live streaming HD

However, both clubs in Manchester have 2 games in hand and Liverpool in the third. A victory for both sides could lead them to a third replacement for Kops.



The Manchester City uniform, part of this great derby, is a little wobbly. Their last two games in the league are victories, but they are still the only victories in the last six games in all competitions. At home, the results were much better. They are unbeaten in the last eight games in Etihad with 5 wins and 3 draws.

United have the best momentum after having passed their unbeaten Premier League escape to 23 games with a 2: 0 score over Burnley over the weekend. During this period, there is a higher percentage of lotteries, most of them at Old Trafford. They seem to be playing with less pressure while on the road, which helped them choose 8 wins from the last 10 along with 2 draws.

Manchester City vs Manchester United: One to one
This will be the third meeting between the parties in the 2016/17 season. The previous two were at Old Trafford with the City, having received a rare victory in the clash of the Premier League in September 2016. Parity was restored a month later, when Juan Mata’s only goal earned United a vital victory in the round of the League Cup 16.

In the last 16 matches between the two teams in all competitions, there is only one draw. Teams are even matches, since City fell by 8 wins during the period, while United won 7 times.

United won the last match in Etihad, helped by a Marcos Rushford figure. In total, they lost 3 of their last 5 visits, winning twice.

Manchester City vs Manchester United: Prediction
Both teams are eclipsed by injuries and physical condition problems when creating this game, and United is worse than both. Therefore, we can not see the classic derby, especially when Mourinho is an expert in closing quality equipment. A draw is a good result for both teams, and I will continue with the correct 1-1 forecast for full time.