Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Parker vs Flores en vivo

Parker vs Flores EN VIVO Live  Boxing Uncovered – American and Mexican Alexander Flores announced his next opponent as he begins his comeback

America vs New Zealand

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“I am very happy that Alex is coming to New Zealand confidently,” said Parker. “Boxing is a challenge for me – and this is another serious problem – I know what it is – I have to win and win, I have to turn it off and I’ll turn it off, but I’ll do it, I can not concentrate. “I have to concentrate to get better when I get to the ring. ”

Flore’s only defeat is the victory of former IBF champion Charles Martin, a disabled man who only completed one round with Anthony Joshua in London before the Briton broke an imbalance. Parker lost the WBO world title to Joshua, but drove 12 laps.
As expected, the visitor to Auckland is convinced of his commitment to the media.

“There’s no chance this fight will last ten rounds,” Flores said. “I will overthrow him.