Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

People’s Choice Awards Free is all jacked up

People's Choice Awards Free is all jacked up
“People’s Choice Awards Free is all jacked up.” The annual kudosfest allowed fans to vote in 58 categories covering films, television and music. The broadcast, prepared by Mark Burnett and broadcast on CBS, was presented by Kat Dennings and Beth Beers of 2 Broke Girls.
E! People's Choice Awards Live online watch

E! People’s Choice Awards Live online watch

Sandra Bullock won the first prize of the television program for her favorite actress, and Justin Timberlake won her favorite album.

Ellen DeGeneres won the 14th “People’s Choice” award, taking home her favorite TV presenter of the day. During his presentation, he said he recently met an African-American woman who worked 80 hours a week to survive. The woman told DeGeneres that she expected to return home to watch her show every day.



The name of the woman? Oprah Winfrey. Adam Sandler, who won for his favorite comic book actor, read the letter from a child fan and finally claimed that it came from Drew Barrymore, who awarded him a prize.

PHOTOS: People’s Choice: Sandra Bullock, Allison Williams Glitter on the red carpet Chris Colfer of Glee won his favorite comedian for the second year in a row, saying he did not deserve honor more than others in this category,

adding that he was “paid to solve” most of them at some point or another. Stephen Colbert, the winner of the favorite organizer of the evening’s talk show, delivered a video message in which he said he could not attend because he was speaking at a party for the dictator. (He called the proven Jennifer Lopez, who was recently attacked for doing just that).

Robert Downey Jr., after having taken his favorite actor to the acting skills, went to the crowd, Tony Stark, and asked the house to talk about him and to play heroic music. He announced solemnly: “I am the Iron Man.” Iron Man 3 scored a favorite movie.

Find the complete list of nominees and winners below.

Favorite movie
“Despicable Me 2”
“Fast and Furious 6”
“Iron Man 3” *** WINNER
“Monsters university”
“Star Trek: In the dark”

Favorite movie
Channing Tatum
Hugh Jackman
Johnny Depp *** WINNER
Leonardo Dicaprio
Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite actress
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jennifer Aniston
Melissa McCarthy
Sandra Bullock *** WINNER
Scarlett Johansson



Favorite movie Duet
Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto (“Star Trek into Darkness”)
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeykis (“We – Mills”)
Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow (“Iron Man 3”)
Sandra Bullock and George Clooney (“Gravity”) *** WINNER
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy (“Heat”)

Selected movies
“Fast and Furious 6”
“Iron Man 3” *** WINNER
“Star Trek: In the dark”
“The Second World War”

Favorite movie
Brad Pitt
Channing Tatum
Hugh Jackman
Robert Downey, Jr. *** WINNER
Vin Diesel

Favorite comic movie
“Classmates 2”
“The hangover part III”
“With pleasure” *** WINNER
“It does not contain instructions”
“We are the millers”

Favorite comic movie
Adam Sandler *** WINNER
Bradley Cooper
Chris Rock
James Frank
Zach Halifianakis

Favorite comic actress
Emma Watson
Jennifer Aniston
Melissa McCarthy
Sandra Bullock *** WINNER
Scarlett Johansson

Favorite drama movie
“Captain Philips”
“Gravity” *** WINNER
“The Great Gatsby”
“Lee Daniels” Butler ”

Favorite drama movie
Channing Tatum
Chris Hemsworth
Hugh Jackman
Leonardo DiCaprio *** WINNER
Ryan Gosling



Favorite dramatic actress
Amy Adams
Emma Stone
Holly Berry
Oprah Winfrey
Sandra Bullock *** WINNER

Favorite family movie
“Despicable Me 2” *** WINNER
“Monsters university”
“Oz the great and powerful”
“Percy Jackson: Sea of ​​Monsters”
“Smurfs 2”

Favorite horror movie
“Carrie” *** WINNER
“Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”
“Insidious: Chapter 2”

Favorite suspense movie
“Good day to die”
“To call”
“Now you see me” *** WINNER
“Red 2”
“The fall of the white House”

Favorite television comedy of the network
“2 broken girls”
“The Big Bang Theory” *** WINNER
“How I met your mother”
“Modern Family”

Favorite TV comedian
Chris Colfer *** WINNER
Darren Criss
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Jim Parsons
Neil Patrick Harris

Favorite comic tv actress
Jane Lynch
Kaley Cuoco *** WINNER
Leaa michele
Melissa McCarthy
Zoe deschanel

Favorite television drama
“Chicago Fire”
“Good wife” *** WINNER
Grey’s Anatomy



Favorite dramatic television actor
Jim Caviezel
Josh Charles *** WINNER
Kevin Bacon
Mark Harmon
Patrick Dempsey

Favorite dramatic television actress
Julianne margulies
Mariska Hargitay
Pauley Perrette
Sandra Oh
Stana Katik *** WINNER

Favorite actor in the new television series.
Andy Samberg
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Joseph Morgan *** WINNER
Michael J. Fox
Robin Williams

Favorite actress in the new television series.
Allison Jenny
Anna Faris
Ming-na wen
Rebelson Wilson
Sarah Michelle Gellar *** WINNER

Favorite drama television drama
“Castle” *** WINNER
“Criminal minds”

Contest of favorite television programs
“America has talent”
“Dancing with the stars”
“Voice” *** WINNER
“X Factor”

Favorite cable TV
“Cougar Town”
“Hot in Cleveland”
“Melissa and Joey”
“Psych” *** WINNER

Cable TV favorite drama
“Downton Abbey”
“Pretty Little Liars”
“Sons of Anarchy”
The Walking Dead *** WINNER
White collar



Favorite premium television program
“Game of Thrones”
“Homeland” *** WINNER
“True Blood”

Favorite television actress
Angie harmon
Claire Danes
Courtney cox
Lucy hale *** winner
Maggie smith

Favorite anti-hero TV
Dexter Morgan (“Dexter”)
Jaime Lannister (“Game of thrones”)
Norman Bates (“Motel Bates”)
Rick Grimes (“The Walking Dead”) *** WINNER
Walter White (“Breaking the Bad”)

Favorite television show
Blaine and Sam (“Glee”)
Ryan and Esposito (“The Castle”)
Sam, Dean and Castiel (“Supernatural”) *** WINNER
Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj (“The Big Bang Theory”)
Ted, Marshall and Barney (“How I Met Your Mother”)

Favorite TV Gal Pals
Caroline and Max (“2 Broke Girls”)
Lily and Robin (“How I Met Your Mother”)
Meredith and Christina (“Gray’s Anatomy”)
Penny, Bernadette and Amy (“The Big Bang Theory”)
Rachel and Santana (“Glee”) *** WINNER

Favorite chemistry on the screen.
Castillo and Beckett (“Castillo”)
Damon and Helen (The Vampire Diaries) *** WINNER
Derek and Meredith (“Gray’s Anatomy”)
Emma and Hook (“Once”)
Kurt and Blaine (“Glee”)

Favorite science fiction / fantasy TV shows
“Beauty and the beast” *** WINNER
“Once upon a time”
The Vampire Diaries
“The Walking Dead”
Favorite sci-fi / fantasy television actor
Andrew Lincoln
Ian Somerhalder *** WINNER
Jared Padalecki
Stephen Amell

Favorite fiction / fantasy television actress
Emilia Clark
Ginnifer Goodwin
Kristin Craik *** WINNER
Nina Dobrev
Tatyana Maslana

TV series / mini favorite
“American horror story” *** WINNER
“For the candelabra”
“White Queen”

Favorite daytime TV presenters
Ellen DeGerens *** WINNER
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan
Dr. Phil McGraw
Raquel ray
Steve Harvey

New favorite program of presenters
Arsenic room
Bethenny Frankel
Jenny McCarthy
Queen Latifah *** WINNER
Ross Matthews



Favorite night party
Conan O’Brien
David Letterman
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Kimmel
Stephen Colbert *** WINNER

Favorite broadcast series
“Development arrested”
“Between two ferns with Zach Halifyanakis”
“House of letters”
“Perdelo con john stamos”
“Orange – new black” *** WINNER

Favorite TV show
“30 rock”
“Breaking the bad” *** WINNER

New favorite television comedy
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
“Michael J. Fox Show”
“Sean save the world”
“Super fun night” *** WINNER
“State wife”

New favorite television drama
“Agents of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.”
“Once upon a time in Wonderland”
“Domination” *** WINNER
“Sleepy Hollow”
“The people of the future”

Favorite male artist
Blake Shelton
Bruno Mars
Justin Timberlake *** WINNER
Michael Buble

Favorite artist
Britney Spears
Demi Lovato *** WINNER
Katy Perry
the pink
Selena Gomez

Advance favorite artist
Ariana Grande *** WINNER
Austin Mahone
pop star
Imagine dragons

Favorite pop artist
Britney Spears *** WINNER
Bruno Mars
Demi lovato
Justin timberlake
Katy Perry

Favorite artist of the country.
Perry Group
Blake Shelton
Carrie Underwood
Lady Antebellum
Taylor Swift *** WINNER



Favorite country music
Alan Jackson
George Strait
Tim McGraw *** WINNER
Toby Kate
Willy Nelson

Favorite hip-hop artist
Jay Z
Kanye West
Lil Vaine
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis *** WINNER

Favorite artist of R & B
Alisha Keyes
Justin Timberlake *** WINNER
Robin tick

Favourite band
Imagine dragons
Garnet 5
One Direction *** WINNER
A republic

Favorite alternative group
Fall Out Boy *** WINNER
Imagine dragons
Mumford and Sons

Favorite song
“Just Give Me to Mind” (pink feat of Neith Ruzes)
“Mirrors” (Justin Timberlake)
“Radioactive” (Imagine Dragons)
“Roar” (Katy Perry) *** WINNER
“When I was your man” (Bruno Mars)

Favorite album
20/20 Experience (Justin Timberlake) *** WINNER
Bangers (Miley Cyrus)
Based on the true story … (Blake Shelton)
Blurred lines (Robin Thicke)
Being loved (michael buble)



Favorite music video
Best song (one direction)
Heart Attack (Demi Lovato)
Just give me a reason (Pink feat. Neith Rues) *** WINNER
Roar (Katy Perry)
Emergency Ball (Miley Cyrus)

Favorite music fan
Britney Army (Britney Spears)
Directions (one address)
KatyCats (Katy Perry)
Little monsters (lady gaga)

MSNBC host Brian Williams apologized on behalf of his network after conveying the vulgarity of Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke.

“I am very proud of you,” O’Rourke said during his assignment on Tuesday night, after losing his election to the position of current Republican Senator Ted Cruz.
The curse was not censored on MSNBC.

“I’m sorry for the F-bomb,” Williams said after a comment. “We do not control what is in the concession speeches.”
Fox News and CNN did not broadcast O’Rourke’s concession speech. C-SPAN also passed a curse without censorship.
O’Rourke, a popular candidate among Hollywood donors, led the race for most of Tuesday, but is now predicted to lose to Cruz.