“Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers free, fits the bill.”

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers free, fits the bill

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers free, fits the bill.” Half of the football is all that is needed to launch Saskatchewan Rodriguera’s hopes of having a playoff game on Saturday at home.

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Watch Now>> http://www.livezstream.com/cfl

Watch Now>> http://www.livezstream.com/cfl

If the CFL Roughriders beat Winnipeg Blue Bomber and B.C. The Lions lost to Calgary Stamper on the same day, Saskatchewan would have secured a playoff at Mosaic Stadium.

Instead, the Roughriders connected a 31-0 bomber during a break in the Investor Group field and never recovered. Winnipeg finally won with this score, improving to 9-7-0 and pulling two points off the Roughriders (10-6-0) in the race for second place in the Western Division.

“Everyone knew they had come to what was at stake, so it was not like we were not ready for what we were looking for,” said Brandon LaBate of the Saskatchewan Center. “We knew what would happen, we just would not settle and we would not allow them to give a boost, turning them into a lot in the first half.”

Roughriders lost clumsiness and threw two interceptions for 30 minutes. The bombers, who spent a week with a league in turn points, turned two turns into 14 points.

Saskatchewan finished the game with four hands en route to his first block loss since September 26, 2014, when he fell 24-0 to his hometown of Edmonton Eskimo. “It’s very unpleasant to go out and flip the ball about how we did it,” LaBate said.

“From the point of view of the attempts to establish an impulse, as we said, we wanted to go out and do it, it is the exact opposite of this.

“They played well in defense, they took many goals and they gave back the momentum.” It was something we could not return in our favor. ” The Roughriders still control their fate in terms of a playoff game at home.

They have a tiebreaker advantage in Winnipeg, winning two of three games against the bombers this season. Saskatchewan can still make the home playoffs on his own: visit the Stampeders on October 20 and accept the Lions on October 27, but Saturday’s loss still hurts the cause.