Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Southern Methodist vs TCU Live

Southern Methodist vs TCU Live

Southern Methodist vs TCU Live. SMU does not work well. They went as far as the G5 program can sometimes be, where the program has enough potential to attract coaches, but usually they do not stop for a long time.

Southern Methodist vs TCU Live

At the end of 2017 SMU saw that Chad Morris left after three seasons at the helm and headed to Arkansas. Therefore, SMU was again forced to hire another coach. This time he took an interesting route and hired a front TCU analyst Sonny Dykes, who previously was technical director at Cal Tech and Louisiana.

Southern Methodist vs TCU Live Free

Southern Methodist vs TCU Live
It is too early to know if this will find a suit for “Mustang”, but in the first outings evade team. SMU was completely destroyed by the technique of Louisiana in the bowl of Miami Beach, 51-10, in the first match as coach of the levees and started much better this year.

This season
SMU 0-1 after suffering a 46-23 kick in the hands of North Texas in the first week. Green guard half Mason Fain completed 40 of 50 attempts to pass 444 yards and three touchdowns UNT ran to 36-0 before SMU knew what was happening.

SMU scored all 23 of its points in the fourth quarter, when the game was out from one hand to another, but QB Ben Hicks only completed 50% of his passes on this day and SMU offense only achieved 256 yards summary.

Ben Hicks is back again, because like the 10th year in front of the SMU, but if the game is an indication, its accuracy has not improved since last season. SMU offensive line also allowed four sacks a day, but in addition to these things really there is not much more that we can take the match against UNT.
They looked out of class for much of the game, unable to get into rhythm.

The fourth quarter saw the Mustang finally reached the stands, with two long touches receiving SMU on the board. Great play ability, obviously, remains, and TCU showed on Saturday that they are still prone to the time when explosive play. It will be something to keep an eye on Friday night.

Southern Methodist vs TCU Live

That is, what can be said of the defense, which allowed a solution to 80% of the percentage of final defenders and 529 yards of total offensive opposition? Yes, the attack in North Texas has improved significantly in recent years, since the average Seth Littrell trend in the green trend, but it was a very bad result against SMU.

Rape of the TSU has some things that you need to decide after your victory against the South, and anything can happen in the rivalry game, but it would be surprising to see that the frogs have strangled over this protection.

The era of Sonny Dykes at SMU is a difficult start, and I think it continues on Friday night. The frogs need to go to 2-0 and go to the third week against the State of Ohio, after having developed some of the first week of problems.