Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

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UFC 230 HD Live Uhr. After his stunning KO victory over Alexander Volkov, Derrick Lewis could be the owner of the UFC 230 card at Madison Square Garden for the heavyweight title

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Is not it a battle? The number 2 contender in the world of heavyweights, Derrick Lewis, presented the most interesting and fun high profile moments in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan on Saturday night.



This happened a few minutes after beating his No. 5 opponent, Alexander Volkov, after everything seemed as if all hope had been lost for Lewis at 4:49 of the third round.

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In an interview after the fight, Rogan asked the Black Beast about his potential for a heavyweight title fight.
Your answer? Shoot happy dead.

“I have to go for black and do something more cardio,” he said. “[Expletive], what are you talking about now, I’m not trying to fight for the title right now, and not the gas tank. [Rude].”

Well, this amazing and fun application is now being discussed as an opportunity to choose UFC 230 at the most famous Madison Square Garden stadium in the world.

According to Brett Okamoto of ESPN, the UFC has now “opened talks” on the heavyweight title between Lewis and current champion Daniel Cormier.

Lewis, who will probably move to his opponent’s No. 1 after knocking out Volkov on Saturday night, has always been one of the noisiest and most entertaining fighters on the UFC list.

He currently wins three games with victories over Marcin Tiboura, Francis Ngannou and Volkov. His fight against Ngannou at UFC 226 in July was named one of the worst heavyweights in UFC history.

On the other hand, the heavyweight and semirigid weight champion promised throughout his career that he would not fight for over 40 years.

He will turn 40 on March 20, and on the horizon there is a possible search for Brock Lesner, not to mention the possibility of a rematch of John Jones.

Cormier is recovering from a broken hand, which he transferred to UFC 226 when he eliminated former champion Stipe Miocic in the first round to win the difficult elusive gold.

He expressed great interest in fighting with Lesnar for a heavy belt, and then finished his career in March with a swan fight.

At this time, UFC 230 on November 3 is scheduled for a men’s women’s title fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Sykhara Eubanks. One of the most pompous and popular figures of the UFC, Neith Diaz, will meet with the lightweight champion No. 3 Dustin Poirier in a joint game.

Only time will tell if Cormier vs. Lewis can come to fruition and opportunities to head UFC 230 in November.