Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

West Ham vs Burnley Head to Head

West Ham vs Burnley Head to Head. Andy Carroll left West Ham high and dry, while his reckless dismissal left them to fight for a 1: 1 draw against Burnley.

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Carroll was announced to remember England by teammate Aaron Cresswell last week, but that particular winner hit the runners as soon as the attacker caught two warnings in so many first minutes, pushing James Tarkovsky into the air and then colliding with Ben My instant after

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This left Hammers more than an hour to protect Michael Antonio’s ugly goal: he made his way to the open net after Mi and goalkeeper Nick Pope could not connect with the ball, and Chris Wood charged late to deny visitors that his first time back wins the season.

The fourth season of the New Zealand national team places him as a more productive target than Carroll, while West Ham fans should dream of being such a reliable member of his clubhouse as an indefatigable Antonio.