Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Williams S. vs Sevastova A. Live Free

Williams S. vs Sevastova A. Live Free

Williams S. vs Sevastova A. Live Free. Defensive champion Sloan Stevens broke the US Open. UU In the quarterfinals, but Serena Williams went to the semifinals, continuing the history of tennis. In the conditions of extreme heat, the American Stevens fell to 6-2-6-3 in Latvian Anastasia Sevastova, who reached her first final semifinal.

Williams S. vs Sevastova A. Live Free
Williams, though avenged by Carolina Pliskova, to create the US Open semifinal against the Sevastovs.
Pliskova was the last player to beat Williams in the tournament, the last four years ago, and the Americans were clearly ahead of the game that this contest played on his account.

Williams began to get nervous, and Pliskov had the chance to play 4: 1, but they could not take them and they paid for the high price. Williams entered the second set again, but retired from the problems before winning 6-4 and 6-3.

Sevastova A vs Williams S. Live Coverage Free

Said: “I really think that now I am playing for free, because this time I had a son this time last year, I will enjoy it as much as I can.” After the release of Sloan, Stevens Williams became the only former Grand Slam champion to remain in the draw, and his favorite status to win the 24th single increases with each passing game.

Williams S. vs Sevastova A. Live Free

Meanwhile, the death of Pliskov means that none of the 10 best seeds will not be present in the final rounds of the tournament for a second consecutive strike.
Sevastova falls Stevens

Sevatova, 28, resigned in 2013, after a series of injuries that exhausted her motivation. She spent two years studying the management of free time, but returned to tennis when she felt completely healthy.
She had the best results in her second career, especially in New York, where she now reached the quarterfinals twice and the semifinals once in the last three years.

Sevastova said: “It was a fantastic trip, these three, four years, now that you are in the tournament, you are playing the next tournament next week, and you do not feel it.

“But, in the end, it’s amazing, huh? You can not believe it. Then, after stopping, at some point I’ll see it, and I’ll be very proud of myself.

“I hope I like it when I play in the semifinals, not every day you play in the semifinals of a Grand Slam.”
Stevens and Sevastova met at the same stage last year, when the American player left the final, before winning the decisive tie-break. Probably, it was the closest he had hit in his remarkable career, but this time he could not get out of his situation.

Williams S. vs Sevastova A. Live Free

Stevens is proud of the title defense
Sevastova is one of the most influential players on the tour, mixing pieces, backs and corners and, generally, making life very uncomfortable for a player like Stevens, who feeds the constancy of rhythm.
Stevens retained the two points of the match, but not the third, and later showed that he suffers a sinus infection in two days.

She said: “I think I could not connect anything today, even when I had my chances for a break, I just did not play glasses, it was a really hard day. It’s better to win.”

Stevens was proud of how he defended his title, and now he expects it to be better during the Asian swing than last year, when he could not win the game until the end of the season. The 25-year-old said: “The fact that I made it to the quarterfinals and played very good matches, and only competed as much as I could, I have something to be proud of.

“Obviously, the defense of the title is very difficult, I will not insist on that, just keep building, there are four more tournaments left, I’m going to play the rest of the season as much as I can, and I hope there are some more good results.”