Eddie Hearn Wants Ryan Garcia To Be Banned For Life If PEDs Weren't An Accident – Latest Boxing News

Devin Haney's promoter Eddie Hearn wants to ban Ryan Garcia for life if it turns out his positive tests for PED Ostarine were no fluke following his win over Dev last month.

Ryan ruined Haney's image with the beating he gave him in the headliner at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Hearn's wish for Ryan Garcia to be banned for life will not change what happened. Ryan's permanent suspension will take some of the heat off Haney for his loss.

Unfortunately, the beating was so decisive that Hearn was left with a fighter whose image has been tarnished to the point that he is considered damaged goods. Hearn is now stuck with Haney, whose popularity has plummeted and he is no longer a goalkeeper.

Playing the victim card won't help Haney's popularity because Hearn can't help him. Too late. The fans have already formed their opinion, and it won't change anything if Ryan Garcia is given a lifetime ban.

It was essentially a knockout for Ryan. Most agree that if the referee had done his job, the fight would have been over in the seventh round.

No matter how much Hearn tries to sugarcoat what happened, he can't whitewash the fact that fans witnessed Ryan beat the crap out of him with Haney.

Hearn also wants the loss to Haney erased from his record following a 12-round majority decision loss to Garcia (25-1, 20 KOs) on April 20 when the fight was ruled a no contest.

“If he did take them on purpose and cheated, he may never be able to fight again… You see the footage of him with the IVs,” Hearn told the media, referring to Ryan Garcia.

In a way, if Ryan had been given a lifetime ban, it would have been good for Haney's career because every time there was a loss, the fans would say, “Ryan doped in the fight.” Impressionable fans would have given Haney a pass to lose.

Just like Haney lost a fight, he will continue to lose when he fights anyone in power, so it won't help him if Ryan is banned for life from the sport.

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