Experts assessed the chances of Miranchuk's Atalanta to beat Bayer in the Europa League final

The finalists of the Europa League were the German Bayer Leverkusen and the Italian Atalanta. Russian football fans can support the team from Bergamo in the final, for which midfielder Alexey Miranchuk plays.

Meanwhile, experts from the world of betting assessed the chances of Bayer and Atalanta in the final match. Leverkusen's chances of winning the trophy are estimated at around 65%, while Bergamasco's chances are around 35%.

Bayer's chances of winning in regular time are estimated at 51%. Atalanta's chances of winning after 90 minutes are estimated at 25%. The chances of a draw at the end of regulation time are 24%.

The Europa League final will take place in Dublin on May 22.









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