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We may have reached a point where there are virtually no restrictions when it comes to promoting and selling a fight. From “action” to insanity (see Ryan Garcia's wild preparation for the Devin Haney fight, with Garcia doing and saying all sorts of things as he says now as part of a plan to sell the fight), to being billed as “one of us has to die” ” in battle.

This crude statement comes from Jake Paul before his fight with a man in his 60s, who is, of course, Mike Tyson. Paul must be a really tough guy if he says, “I have to end him.” Of course, Paul wouldn't say anything like that if he were facing Mike Tyson, a fighting sensation who would destroy Paul in 30 seconds.

As we know, Paul will face Tyson in July and the fight has been sanctioned as a real fight. And many people are openly concerned and concerned for the well-being of Tyson, who will turn 58 on fight night; In addition, he has been addicted to marijuana for years, and Tyson also suffers from sciatica, which can be so severe that it can leave him wheelchair-bound for a period of time. Perhaps it's no surprise that Paul speaks so harshly.

“It's an honor to be in the ring with him, but I have to finish him, this is war… All's fair in love and war,” Paul said on a recent episode of his podcast. “I like this guy, but as soon as this turns into a professional fight, one of us has to die… He's a legend. I love this guy. But at the end of the day, this is war, and sometimes you have to go to war and put everything on the line.”

Of course, the question has been asked, why isn't Paul calling for real fights against active professionals around the same age as himself? If he really wants to achieve greatness in the sport, Paul should refuse to fight again. Paul should also stop making thinly veiled death threats. The July 20th fight is worrying enough for some people in itself, and Paul's disgusting words will only tarnish the sport. However, it seems like there really are no restrictions anymore and many people enjoy the morbid side of what passes for fight promotion these days. Whether it's brawling with members of the press or throwing chairs, whether it's one fighter spitting in his opponent's face or fighters posting disturbing videos claiming they've been killed or making death threats before a fight……. all this is happening today and nothing is said.

What happens if, God forbid, 58-year-old Tyson gets seriously injured in a fight with Paul? How much further into the sewer will our once truly great and honorable sport go, according to many? The Paul-Tyson fight is already a huge success at the box office: tickets are incredibly expensive and selling out. There was simply no need for Paul to say what he said.

Shame on him. And shame on the new fight promotion trend that exists. Is boxing still the noble art it once was? It seems not.

What do you think?

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