Osinkin: “We were preparing for just such a game, but we missed the counterattack”

Krylia Sovetov head coach Igor Osinkin gave a comment to Match TV after the game with Akhmat.

– In the first half, we had the game initiative, but conceded at the end of the half. What is this connected with?

– With what we conceded at the end of the first half. We are not connected with the situation that we missed at the end. The opponent chose a counterattacking style. It is clear that defending so deeply, there will someday be situations when they can go two on two, for example, or some mistake will allow them to run out on the attack. Unfortunately, it was at this moment that we broke our game. But in the second half they made a similar mistake. Probably, after that we were not able to really get involved in the fight for points. Although at some point it seemed that we were returning. In general, the first half was quite good, but there was little direct aggression or speed. It was difficult to find it anywhere, because there was practically no space left, Akhmat defended very low. It was necessary to extract some other specific advantages from this. If we didn't score, it means we couldn't.

– Can we say that you were not ready for such a game from your opponent today?

– We were preparing for just such a game, but we missed the counterattack. They talked about this, about what attacks could happen after such a deep and fairly wide opponent’s defense. But it happened so, we understood that the match could go like this. We just hoped to score ourselves. I can’t say that the first half was good in terms of ball control. It is the finishing part that is difficult in such a situation, because first of all the entire penalty area is saturated to the maximum.

– You changed Babkin to Pechenin. Is this an attempt to change something?

– Including changing. Secondly, it was on the card. Thirdly, he is just after an injury. For now he’s ready for that amount of time, give or take. We understood this. We have made enough rearrangements, except for this.

– You lost two matches. There are matches with Paris NN and Dynamo ahead. What thoughts do you have on this matter?

– We will try, we will fight and we will definitely not be indifferent, no matter how the match goes, what points are needed at the end of the round. We will still be tuning in as much as possible for the two remaining games.

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