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ALEX Krasyuk says despite their contrasting styles, personalities and approaches to life, only one man can prevail on May 18 when his fighter Oleksandr Usyk and “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury meet in Riyadh.

Dubbed “The Ring of Fire”, the heat is building ahead of Usik's undisputed heavyweight title fight for the IBF, WBA and WBO belts, along with Fury's WBC title, Ring Magazine, lineal status and bragging rights as the confirmed baddest man on the planet .

“This is an absolutely unique clash of fates,” said a K2 Promotions spokesperson. Boxing News.

“Tyson went through a difficult path in his life, from nobody to idol. Usik did the same. Their paths are completely different, as are their approaches to life.”

It took a lot of effort to get to this stage. Two undefeated boxers from different walks of life. Usyk has come the hard way through the carnage of the heavyweight division on the roads of Europe to take on the biggest and best in the land of giants.

Tyson Fury, ridiculed and maligned as a bumbling fool, bumbling and clumsy, below the pecking order of his more respected domestic contemporaries. By emerging as the underdog, beating them all, he ascended to an unlikely throne.

“But the fact is that there can only be one winner,” Krasyuk added, putting it all together perfectly. “As Tyson said, another will go home with an advertisement in his handd! And this drama is so strong that it is impossible not to love this struggle.”

Krasyuk has already stated that the outcome of the fight will be determined by psychological fortitude, and Usik’s monastic discipline both in the ring and outside it will help him win.

Annoyed by Fury's departure, the Kiev promoter has been busy defending his star pupil, while communicating with the likes of Denis Berinchik (who fights Emanuel Navarrete on the same night as Fury-Usyk), Dmitry Mitrofanov and Vasile Cebotari.

Boxing can be a lonely road. It will all be worth it if Usyk rises to new heights on May 18, surpassing an opponent who, like him, has overcome many obstacles on the path to success.

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