Rakhimov criticized Daka after the victory over Rostov

Rubin head coach Rashid Rakhimov gave a comment to Match TV after the game with Rostov.

– For the first time this season we scored three goals. This happened in a match with such a status opponent. How important is this story?

– I wouldn’t attach importance. I focus on the fact that there are moments, in almost every game we create them. Of course, the more you implement them, the better. Today we have two standards in place. But overall, we also created enough chances from the game, but didn’t convert them.

– Today, for the first time in a long time, Daku left the field without making an impact. How satisfied are you with his performance? Because the volume he produced was simply crazy. I threw balls and helped my teammates a lot, and eventually hit the post.

– Daku maintains a certain level. Naturally, he himself is upset because he did not convert the chances, although he could have scored these goals. I see this frustration, but I always say that he must play a complete game, he must not switch off at some points. Then its level will be even higher. And he has moments when he disconnected from the situation, lowered his head and walked back to the position. Or he didn’t open up and remains behind the offside line. There are such moments, so we pay attention to them. But we see that it has already reached a certain level.









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