Rakhimov: “It seems to me that it is wrong to talk about motivation at all”

Rubin head coach Rashid Rakhimov gave a comment to Match TV before the game with Rostov.

– “Rubin” and “Rostov” guaranteed themselves to retain their place in the Premier League, but they would not get into the top three. Match between the seventh and ninth teams of the championship. What is your tournament motivation?

– I think that in any case this is a championship match and a game for three points. It is clear that in such situations it is quite difficult to get motivated, because you don’t know either here or there. But in any case, you need to play and show your best qualities. It seems to me that it is wrong to talk about motivation at all. You have to be motivated when you go out on the football field and do your job. Another thing is that these are psychological moments. It can be very difficult to give the maximum. But we talked with the team, naturally, the requirements are as follows: you need to give your maximum.

– For the first time this spring, Alexander Zotov does not play due to too many yellow cards. How big a loss is this for Rubin, given that Zotov played consistently this spring?

– In general, this is a loss for us, because we see that our clip is not large enough. We need to show a certain level. Sasha looked quite confident in the last matches and did a lot of work. Of course, it's a loss for us. But. Probably, the problem here is not the yellow card, but the injury he received. We don't know yet how long he's out for.

– How ready is Jocic to replace him? Do you have any questions for him personally?

– It’s clear that we need to try to stage it. A guy with quite a lot of work, he needs confidence. This was his first time traveling to another country. We see that he has certain qualities, he can work well with the ball and conduct single combats. But he also has problems, we paid attention to them. I am sure that with today's opponent, Rostov, who, after losing the ball, quickly enter into combat. We need to speed up the game, but we'll see how everything looks on the field.

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