Rampage Jackson thinks Stipe Miocic will beat Jon Jones: 'I just think he might not have a chin'

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson thinks Jon Jones is in trouble.

Jones was scheduled to defend his UFC heavyweight title against former champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 last fall; however, Jones injured his pectoral muscle and was forced out of the fight. Jones now plans to return sometime this year to finally fight Miocic.

Jones' plan has drawn heavy criticism given that the 41-year-old Miocic hasn't fought in three years and hasn't won a fight in four, but Jones is persisting nonetheless. But according to his former opponent Jackson, Jones' unwavering determination to fight Miocic could ultimately backfire on him.

“I think you’ll be the first one to beat him,” Jackson told Miocic on the JAXXON podcast. “I just feel like he might not have a chin the way he fights. He makes it so difficult for people to get close enough to hit him. His whole style was to put his fingers in your eyes and push your knee back, keeping you away from him. He keeps you at a distance where he wants you. You're a taller guy and have longer arms than most of the people he fights. I don't think he can do all this to you.

Miocic agreed, telling Jackson that he intends to wait as long as necessary to get the fight with Jones, and that when he does, he has exactly the plan to upset the former light heavyweight champion.

“One hundred percent,” Miocic said. “Also, just don’t let him dictate what he wants. This is any fighter, not just Jon Jones. Don't let them do what they want, because if you let them do what they want, it's the end of the road for you. You're fucked.”

And that's what Jackson believes played a decisive role in his fight with Jones many years ago. “Rampage” marked Jones' first light heavyweight title defense back at UFC 135 in 2011. He wasn't particularly competitive, losing via rear naked choke in the fourth round – something Jackson attributes to his own mistakes.

“This is what happened to me,” Jackson said. “I screwed up this fight. It was my fault. I trained really hard for Jon Jones. This was the first fight where I was overconfident: “There is no way this guy can beat me.” I worked my ass off. I was in better shape, about 99 percent, almost injury free. It was a good feeling.”

While nothing has been announced yet, the heavyweight champion recently stated that he is almost ready to return to action, saying he has a date and verbal agreement in mind for his possible fight with Miocic this year.

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