Sliskovich: “I demand concentration, discipline and balance from the team, without this there is no result”

And about. Spartak head coach Vladimir Slishkovich gave a comment to Match TV after the game with Krasnodar.

– A difficult game, we knew it would be like this, because Krasnodar is a good team, which is not by chance in such a position. But I think that we prepared well for this match and should have played it with our heads, not our hearts. The guys understood this. Krasnodar had their moments, we also had our moments, but it was more and more counterattacks. I would say that in the end the craftsman's skill resolved the issue.

– Zobnin’s goal is, of course, the highlight of the match, even if it is his only goal this season. After he scored it, what thoughts came into your head?

– Just a wonderful goal. You can watch it 20 times. Roman can do this. He is technically and physically a very strong player. He shot at goal as he wanted, and the goalkeeper could not do anything.

– Spartak plays five matches to zero under your leadership. Is playing with the mind the reason that Spartak began to play much more organized in front of their goal?

– As a coach, I demand concentration, discipline, and balance from the team. Without this there is no result. The guys understand this. We try to work hard in training. They understand what I want. This is the reward – it so happens that we play to zero, this is very important. This is not only a merit of the defense, it is a matter of the whole team. I believe that the team defends with 11 people and attacks the same way.

– You went to rotate the squad before the Cup match against Baltika in Kaliningrad. Are you happy with the way the balance was struck?

– I don’t know why everyone thinks that this is a rotation. I have 25 very strong, very good football players. I always have a lot of choice, of course, if the player is not injured, so at that moment they could get a result, and they did. I wouldn’t talk about any rotation, it’s just a possibility for Spartak.

– In a couple of days there is a game with Baltika. Today there was a match for Spartak for fourth place. Is there any difference at all in this, for example, with fifth place?

– An athlete who doesn’t care what place is – first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth – he is not an athlete.

– But there is no prospect of competing for a higher place in the end.

– Tell that to Zenit, which is not going to the Champions League. There are prospects because they are all athletes and want to win, that’s the whole philosophy.

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