Two deletions and a missed penalty: Rostov lost in Kazan and let Rubin get ahead

“Rubin” and “Rostov” played as part of the Russian Football Championship. The match of the 28th round of the RPL took place on May 11 at the Kazan Arena stadium.

Game protocol

Rubin and Rostov are finishing the season without any particular tournament goals. The teams are side by side in the middle of the standings, they are not in danger of fighting for survival, the race for medals is not, and they have been eliminated from the Russian Cup. Karpin and Rakhimov can experiment and look at combinations for the next season. The head-to-head match in Kazan provided a good springboard, and Karpin took advantage of it. “Rostov” came out with a pair of forwards Ronaldo – Komlichenko, while the main striker Egor Golenkov remained as a substitute.

The Rostovites started as usual – with a mistake in defense. Nikita Medvedev gave away Bogdan Jokic's shooting position with a terrifying pass. He took the shot, but failed to hit the already empty goal. Then Rostov also played as usual; Karpin’s players did not look at their guest status and seized the initiative. The ball moved along the flanks very often, and they boldly loaded onto a couple of forwards, Bayramyan and Utkin. It’s just that the positional attacks did not reach sharp blows.

“Rubin” accepted the rules of the game, acted on counterattacks, and Mirlind Daku created pressure on one. But there were no dangerous moments for a long time, the attacks ended without decisive blows. This continued until the 30th minute. Dmitry Kabutov crossed from the left corner flag, there was a panic, Osipenko cleared the ball right to Rybus, and Maciej shot just under the crossbar – 1:0. The Pole's first goal for Rubin.

And before the end of the first half, the Kazan players hit another set piece. This time Kabutov crossed from the free kick. He crossed it right on the head of Martynovich, who shot from the goal line without a chance for Medvedev – 2:0. Rubin calmly continued the match, scoring a rout in the middle of the second half. Ruslan Bezrukov intercepted Langovich's pass, dribbling into the penalty area and shooting. Nikita Medvedev parried right in front of him, and Bogdan Jočić was the first to finish, and there was no way he could miss – 3:0.

Surprisingly, it was only with a devastating score that Rostov woke up. Maxim Osipenko, instead of serving from the corner of the field, played the ball with Glebov, and then carefully crossed it to the far post. Kirill Shchetinin scored with his head without even jumping – 3:1. But after a minute, Komarov moderated the ardor of his team. First, he fouled and received a yellow card, and then began to argue with the referee, immediately receiving a second yellow card. Stupid deletion.

The judge did not leave the stage. Shchetinin entered the penalty area while dribbling, caught a hook from Rybus and fell down. After checking, a penalty was awarded. But Maxim Osipenko hit the post with a shot from 11 meters. And at the end of the match, El-Askalani also mowed down Randjelovic, who made an interception, in a tackle. Second yellow card for Eyad and second removal. Only in the 62nd minute did Komarova and El-Askalani come on, both did not finish the match.

Rostov lost in Kazan and let Rubin get ahead of them. Rashid Rakhimov's team took sixth place.

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