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Oleksandr Usyk has arrived in Saudi Arabia ahead of next Saturday's huge fight with Tyson Fury, who landed in Riyadh a few days ago. And Usyk is using the inspiration he gets from some of the sport's greats to fuel him ahead of what he says is the biggest and most important fight of his entire career.

Usyk spoke with TNT Sports about heavyweight icons Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano, with the undefeated Ukrainian making it clear that he has great respect for both.

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Usyk also spoke briefly about what's next for him after he defeats Fury and unifies all four major heavyweight belts. Usyk is confident that this will be a historic victory that he will achieve. Usik said that he could return to the heavyweight division, which is more natural for him.

“When I think about Muhammad Ali, I don’t just think about boxing,” Usyk said. “This is the path he chose, his nature. He fought for his rights, for his family and friends. It's an incredible feeling to be able to be here and now and do what God allows me to do. All historical champions; all these boxers did a lot for boxing. Rocky Marciano was never defeated, he died undefeated.”

And it is quite possible that Usyk himself will end his career invincible. If – and according to some, this is a big if – Usyk can beat Fury, then there will be nothing else for him in the heavyweight division.

Usyk stated that once he wins the undisputed heavyweight title, his career will be over. Of course, there is a strong possibility that Usyk and Fury fight each other twice, but if that happens and if Usyk wins both fights, what then for him?

“Maybe I’ll go back to heavyweight and win,” Usyk said.

We know Usyk has a dry sense of humor, and sometimes what he says and means can get lost in translation. But if Usyk unified four heavyweight titles and then dropped back down to heavyweight and became champion there again (Usyk, of course, won all four belts at 200 pounds, becoming the first man to ever do so) , this would also be the first, and Usik would go down in boxing history even more.

When you have giants like Ali and “The Rock” to look up to and try to live up to, you need to think big. Usyk showed that he has no problems with big-picture thinking.

Just a few days later, some famous people changed their choices again when it came to winning on May 18th. A true 50-50 fight, Usyk-Fury kept us waiting, but the fight is finally here.

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