Dana White's anger at Charles Oliveira ahead of UFC 294

MMA – The UFC boss did not hide his resentment. Here's the footage of Dana White's upset with Charles Oliveira ahead of UFC 294.

On October 21, 2023, UFC 294 took place. The event was to behe theater of revenge between Islam Makhachev and Charles Oliveira. A year earlier, the Dagestani had snatched the belt from the Brazilian's hands after a resounding victory. Unfortunately, a few hours before taking off for Abu Dhabi, nothing happened as usual Do Bronx. Indeed, after training that was a little too hard and especially without protection, the former champion had heavily cut at the arch. The UFC had to work behind the scenes to find a last-minute replacement in the person of Alexander Volkanovski. The documentary Inside the UFC broadcast on the Roku channel revealed behind the scenes and above all Dana White's anger at Charles Oliveira ahead of UFC 294.

The UFC boss stunned

Thus, we were able to follow Dana White in a crisis meeting alongside the big heads of the UFC. The least we can say is that everyone present appeared disillusioned.


“He did a sparring the day before, a sparring without a damn protective helmet. It just cost him a ton of money. »

If discussions between Dana White, Hunter Campbell and Sean Shelby are to be believed, Charles Oliveira would have gives up on some 2 million dollars. This is costly for an injury that could have easily been avoided.

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