“I hope to reach 24 but…” – Alcaraz has Djokovic’s record in the back of his mind

“I don’t know (smile). I hope so” declared Carlos Alcaraz at a press conference. “I spoke to Juan Carlos a few days ago – actually, it was yesterday – before playing this final, he told me: 'You are going to fight for your third Grand Slam title, after all this that you have experienced, and you know the difficulty of winning a Grand Slam, and Djokovic has 24. It’s incredible.”

“Right now, I can’t think about it. I just want to keep going and see how many Grand Slams I will win at the end of my career. I hope to reach 24, but for now, I will enjoy my third, and we will see in the future (smile).”

Alcaraz's game blends well on all three surfaces

By winning Roland-Garros this Sunday on Parisian clay, Carlos Alcaraz became the youngest player in the Open era to have won three Grand Slams on three different surfaces. Invited at a press conference to say more about the development of his complete game, the Murcian explained that his aggressive game could blend very well with all surfaces.

“Honestly, I grew up playing on clay, but most of the tournaments on the tour are on hard courts. So I had to train more on hard, doing the pre-season on hard. So I started to feel more comfortable with my movement and my shots, but I think my game adapts very well to all surfaces.”

“You know, with the drop shots, my volley, I wanted to develop my style by being aggressive all the time. Of course, I train to defend well too, but my main goal is to be aggressive as much as possible. So I think on grass it’s pretty good, but on all surfaces too I think it’s a good thing.”

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