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The New York Yankees are happy to have Juan Soto in the Bronx. He really energized his team's attack.

And if we say that it is by losing someone that we realize their importance, the last two days without Juan Soto against the Dodgers demonstrate how important Soto is to Aaron Boone's club.

Everyone wants to see him stay in the organization (including Mariano Rivera) since he is a game changer.

Clearly, seeing him play, we can see that he is like a fish in water. And according to many people in New York, he's comfortable because captain Aaron Judge makes him feel like he belongs. This is what Bob Nightengale reports in his text of the day.

In San Diego, he wasn't a bad player, but he wasn't the same guy as in Washington or New York since he didn't feel as good within the group. You can see that.

This demonstrates, once again, how important #99 is to the New York club. Not only does he produce on the field, but he also makes everyone better.

The case of the 2024 outfield is particularly interesting. For what?

Because Aaron Judge agreed to change position (and play center field, which is harder) and do everything to make Soto feel at home… and because he also has a say in say in connection with the successes of Alex Verdugo.

For years, the Yankees had been looking for a left fielder and Judge pushed for Verdugo, an unloved player who played in Boston. Brian Cashman listened to him and right now, Verdugo could hardly be more useful to the Yankees.

We can push the note and recall that Judge had accepted the arrival of Giancarlo Stanton at the time. Today, he is a very useful hitter of choice for the Bombardiers.

Aaron Judge, recognized as an exemplary captain, does things that Derek Jeter, one of the greats in Yankees history, never did for Alex Rodriguez. Jeter didn't give shortstop to A-Rod and he didn't include him in his group.

This same A-Rod knows he will never have his number retired in New York. You will tell me that doping has a lot to do with it (and with good reason), but basically, it is and will remain a villain for the fans (in particular) because The Captain never accepted it.

That's also part of the equation in my eyes.

Obviously, times are changing since this is not the way Aaron Judge manages his club. And if all goes well, #99 and #22 will one day be retired in the Bronx.

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