Watch the explosive results of the Glory Light Heavyweight Grand Prix, a tournament at the top

Glory arrives in force with a tournament between the best light heavyweight kickboxers in the world. Find all the results of the evening's fights.

THE glory packed his bags June 8 in Rotterdam with the program a tournament explosive, which makes you confront each other the crème de la crème of light heavyweights in kickboxing. The fighters must pass the stages of the tournament to reach the final, after a succession of fights. Bringing together 8 elite fighters, including the champion of the category Tarik Khabez as well as former champions and stars like Bahram Rajabzadehit's a real spectacle that is offered by the Glory.

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Glory organizes a tournament with the best light heavyweights in the world

THE Glory, queen kickboxing organization, returns to the Netherlands, in front of his audience of foot-and-fist boxing fans. The organization arrives with a tournament organized between 8 light heavyweight fighters, who are among the best in the world. A tournament which brings together the champion of the division, Tarik Khabez as well as former champions of the category, for a fast-paced and very high-level show.

On the French side, two fighters were present, the French Pascal Toure entered the tournament, and lost in the quarterfinals to the defending champion, by decision. Ramy Deghir won his fight, scheduled outside of the division tournament, by decision.

Bahram Rajabzadeh, the star and rage of kickboxing came, with her audience, as a conqueror and made exceptional performances until the final, but finally won by TKO against Donegi Abena, number 1 in the ranking and former champion of the division.

The results of the fights

Light Heavyweight Tournament:


Abena vs. Rajabzadeh: Abena TKO victory


Abena vs. Khabez : Abena victory by TKO

Maslobojev vs. Rajabzadeh : Rajabzadeh victory by TKO


Khabez vs. Touré : Victory Khabez by decision

Abena vs. Latescu : Abena victory by KO

Maslobojev vs. Stoica : Victory Maslobojev by KO

El Bouni vs. Rajabzadeh : Rajabzadeh victory by TKO

Superfights :

Deghir vs. Kombou : Victory Deghir at the decision

Aygun vs. Iancu : Iancu victory by KO

Preliminary fights :

Amine vs. Caceres – reserve fight of the tournament: Victory Caceres by TKO

Abdelkhalek vs. Shakir : Victory Abdelkhalek by decision

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