Alexander Zverev: “The intensity with which he plays tennis is just incredible” – Sports Infos – Ski

“I feel like I played well today. There were some very unfortunate moments in the fifth set. I heard his serve at 2-1 was a fault, I saw it thanks to Hawkeye's data. If I had broken him on that, that might have changed.

I had break opportunities throughout the match and I could have gone well. Afterwards he played incredibly, better than me in the fourth and fifth sets.

At the US Open I gave up, so today is a little different.

In the 4th set I lost my concentration, I didn't have enough power in my legs for the serve, something strange. Normally I don't get tired, I don't get cramps, I'm generally not tired.

Once again, Carlos exudes a different intensity than the others, so perhaps the reason. Maybe I should look at my preparation, how I do things physically.

I feel like in terms of tennis I've been at a decent level but he's been better he's the best.

We're both physically strong, but he's a beast. It's an animal. The intensity with which he plays tennis is just incredible, different from everyone else. It can do a lot of different things.

I think he changed his tactics a lot in the fifth set, he started playing a lot higher, deeper so I didn't create as much power.

Everything became slower, especially with the shadows on the ground.

He's a fantastic player, physically too, I have to see what he does. what I do with my team to be on the same level.”

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