Daniel Woirin finally reveals the reasons for his separation from Benoit Saint-Denis

Daniel Woirin spoke about his separation from Benoit Saint-Denis. The coach talks about a separation initiated by his former student as well as his disappointment and his loss-making investment with him, particularly financially.

The separation between Benoit Saint-Denis and his trainer Daniel Woirin has caused a lot of ink to flow. A real break for an iconic French MMA duo, which left room for a lot of misunderstanding among fans, as well as a lot of speculation as to the reasons for the separation. Interviewed by the media Gongas part of the LFE show, Daniel Woirin gave more details on the reason for this break with his former student. The French coach evokes a brutal and unilateral separation on the part of BSD, and his regret at not having been able to benefit the financial benefits of its long-term investment with the “God of War”.

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A separation at the initiative of Benoit Saint-Denis

“It was one-sided, it wasn’t my choice, it was his choice and that of those around him, I learned it suddenly,” as part of a program hosted by Frédéric Rousseau, Daniel Woirin spoke at length about his separation with Benoit Saint-Denis. The renowned coach evokes a separation coming from “God of War” Thusthan his entourage in Bayonne.

Separated for a long period of time geographically, the fighter chose to live in Bayonne and return to his original team. A distance which gradually created a gap between the two menon a sporting and human level: “the beginning of the end was Bayonne, the fact that he left for Bayonne, we found ourselves far away, it's difficult to have cohesion with the fighter”, regrets Daniel Woirin. A situation which gradually caused the separation between the two men, at least according to what is mentioned by Daniel Woirin.

Daniel Woirin talks about his disappointment and his investment at a loss

If Daniel Woirin regrets this decision, he is not surprised because of the gap which has widened with his student since his departure to Bayonne. The coach spoke at length about his disappointment in not having been able to reap the fruits of long years of investment with Benoit Saint-Deniswho has just achieved notoriety, as well as large salaries, from which Daniel Woirin believes he was able to benefit very little: 'There was no financial return on the investment', he laments.

Under his wing since 2018, Daniel Woirin talks about the first professional fights with Benoit Saint-Denis, and believes that it is him who really launched his careerand not his coaches in Bayonne, where he began his practice: “his career began when he came to Paris. If Bayonne was that good he would have stayed in Bayonne.”

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