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New dynamic for the Montcellien Tennis Club

and a Saône-et-Loire champion title in sight.

The tennis team championships are coming to an end.

The Montcellien Tennis Club, which has undergone a major restructuring since last September with a new elected office and new voluntary volunteers, is part of a great dynamic.

Indeed, the meetings that began several weeks ago took place in a very friendly atmosphere and the sporting results were higher than expected.

First among the young people, including a Saône-et-Loire champion title for 11/12 year old girls! Thank you and congratulations to Eyma and Elsa! The TCM had entered 10 teams, representing around forty children aged 8 to 17.

Then among adults, the TCM had entered 2 women's teams (1st and 3rd divisions) and 4 men's teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th divisions). If each team was able to give a rewarding image of the club, on a sporting level maintaining it in 1time division should be assured for the 1 women's team, the 4 men's team finished first in its group in the 4th division and the first two men's teams achieved notable sporting performances. Team 2 indeed finishes 1time of its group without losing a single match (a match opposes 2 teams who play 4 singles matches and 2 doubles matches) and by only conceding 2 defeats in 30 matches!

Team 1 also finishes 1time of its group with 5 victories in as many matches in 1time division. The rise in the regional division is achieved, but he also still has to compete for the title of champion of Saône-et-Loire! It will be played on Sunday June 16 from 10:00 a.m. in Montceau-les-Mines, against the great Cluny team.

Do you want to play tennis or pickle ball? Don't hesitate to stop by this Sunday, June 16 to attend the matches and discover the club: a clubhouse currently being renovated to accommodate friendly moments, 3 indoor fields, 2 outdoor fields, nearly 200 members of all ages !


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