UFC – He disrespects his rival and gets a backlash

MMA – Ricky Turcios disrespected Raul Rosas Jr. before receiving backlash.

Ricky Turcios is the winner of the 29th season of the hit show The Ultimate Fighter. Since entering the big league, the American has alternated between good and less good results. For his fourth fight in the UFC, Pretty faced the organization's youngest fighter: Raul Rosas Jr.. The two men were supposed to face off earlier, but the Mexican had to withdraw. Before the meeting, we could feel the tension between the two men.

Who plays the smart one:

Ricky Turcios does not carry Raul Rosas Jr. in his heart. Indeed, as the fight begins, the Mexican approaches his rival to touch the gloves. A gesture of respect before giving everything in the cage. However, Turcios did not respond to this gesture and took the opportunity to attack directly. In the second round, Raul Rosas Jr. will manage to put an end to the fight. Indeed, the young man will submit his opponent before showing him respect after the fight.


What do you think of Ricky Turcios' attitude?

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