A difficult victory for the Kyiv Capitals, the team caught up with Dnepr

A match of the Ukrainian hockey championship took place between Trizub and Kyiv Capitals. It was expected that the Capitals, who had gained a good momentum, would beat the outsider without any problems.

However, Trizub fought on equal terms until the third period, and the score on the scoreboard was a draw 2:2. And only in the final 20 minutes the favorite put the pressure on the opponent and won 4:2.

The Capitals scored 20 points and caught up with Dnepr, which is in second.

Ukrainian Hockey Championship

Trident – Kyiv Capitals 2:4 (1:0, 0:2, 1:2)

Pucks: 1:0 – Cheremnov (Bondarenko), 04:39. 1:1 – Taran (M. Oleinik, Krivonozhkin), 26:37. 1:2 – Berdniks (big), 36:46. 2:2 – Vit. Gavrilyuk (Roslyakov, Shvachka), 41:08. 2:3 – Janitor (Chernenko, Berdniks – big), 57:11. 2:4 – Panchenko (Taran), 59:18

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2023-11-18 00:17:00

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