A ranking of the 10 most expensive national teams in the world has been compiled

The Internet portal Transfermarkt has published a fascinating ranking of 10 national teams of the world, ranking them according to the total transfer value of the players.

The England team topped the list, with the total cost of its squad estimated at 1.29 billion euros.

The top 3 also included the French national team (1.14 billion euros) and the Brazilian national team (1.04 billion euros).

Top 10 most expensive national teams England team (1.29 billion euros) France team (1.14 billion euros) Brazil team (1.04 billion euros) Portugal team (932 million euros) Spain team (814 million euros) Argentina team (789 million euros) Team Germany (700 million euros) Team Italy (611 million euros) Team Netherlands (575 million euros) Team Belgium (494 million euros)

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2023-11-18 03:59:00

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