“Alexandria is a very good team. They still need time”

Head coach of Dnepr-1 Yuri Maksimov commented on the victory in the 13th round of the UPL against Alexandria (1:0).

– It’s great that we won today. “Alexandria” is a very good team with young guys who can press well and are technically well prepared. They still need time for the desired result to come. I thank my team for this victory. We returned to the locker room three times in the second half, went out and came back again, but the guys survived it all, for which I am grateful to them and congratulate them on their victory.

– During one of the returns to the locker room, it became known that the match “Polesie” – “Krivbass” ended in a draw. Was this somehow kept in mind?

– No, we only rely on ourselves and don’t look at how other teams play. The main thing is to count on yourself.

– How are you approaching the next match against Shakhtar?

– We will play football (smiles).

– How satisfied are you with the actions of Miroshnichenko, who is not playing in his home position? Did he have an intention to play more on attack, or to pay more attention to defense?

“He played left back and joined the attack according to the situation. He played in this position before at Alexandria. We talked to him about this and he said that he has experience playing on the left flank and is ready to play there.

Thanks to the victory, Dnepr-1 rose to second place in the UPL standings.

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2023-11-07 02:38:00

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