Alexey ANDRONOV – about a possible penalty at Mudrik: “I looked at it and went nuts”

Russian commentator Alexey Andronovknown for his pro-Ukrainian position, commented on the episode with a possible penalty in the last seconds of the match between Ukraine and Italy, when the referee did not blow the whistle after Cristante’s violation against Mudryk.

“I can’t understand how this isn’t a penalty…” Andronov wrote in his Telegram channel. – Yes, Mudrik “strengthens”. But this does not cancel the foul. I asked my colleague, ex-FIFA referee Sergei Lapochkin. His answer: “I watched this moment and was blown away. Of course, a penalty. Mudryk played the ball, and the defender tripped him. And it doesn’t matter that the contact was minimal and the Ukrainian fell spectacularly. It’s a foul!!!” You know, VAR/AVAR/fuck… but when you see this… the phrase comes to mind: “Well, when they give you a microscope, what will you do? Should they hammer nails?”

Let us remember that earlier the same Russian journalist wondered why Chelsea paid 100 million for the transfer of Mikhail Mudryk from Shakhtar.

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2023-11-21 18:17:00

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