“All the guys on our team have a sense of humor”

Goalkeeper of Zhytomyr “Polesie” Denis Boyko talked about his teammates.

– Let’s talk a little about our team. I would ask you to give answers to a blitz in which I will ask short questions, and you will not necessarily answer them briefly: who is the biggest dude on the team?

– Dima Shastal. Also Nikita Kravchenko. He has his own style, we call him Nikita-oversized behind the scenes. He loves this style, he even trains this way. For example, I feel comfortable when everything is in size, and he can take things a little larger so that nothing bothers him. These are probably the two biggest dudes.

– Who is the most modest?

– I think that in communication Smol, Artem Smolyakov. I wouldn’t say he’s closed. I think he is more relaxed in the company of his peers. But I think he’s quite modest. Although, this can be deceptive, because with me, with Gitcha, with Vasya, he can communicate like this, and in his circle he can be as relaxed as possible.

– Who is the most talkative and impossible to talk to?

– Yanak, Dan Yanakov. He likes to talk a lot, mumble, and tell stories. He has this demeanor. He likes to “chatter”, let’s put it that way.

– Who jokes the most?

– Everybody is here. All the guys have a sense of humor, I can’t separate anyone. Both Phil and Shaba can make fun of each other and laugh.

– Who is the biggest workaholic in the team?

– What I see from training, who remains, if we take the football field, is Dima Shastal. But many guys improve not only on the field, the same Artem Shabanov, the same Nikita Kravchenko, they constantly do additional training with physical training coaches. Many people go to the gym. So, off the top of my head, Dima Shastal is in first place, everyone else is working too, but Dima gives himself the most time after training on the field. Most of the team knows where we need to improve and we have a qualified coaching staff that helps us with this.

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2023-11-18 17:23:00

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