“All the players are upset. But today they showed a great game.”

On November 20 at 21:45 a qualifying match was held in Leverkusen Euro 2024 between the national teams of Ukraine and Italy (0:0).

All the highlights of the match are available in Live mode in Telegram

After the match, the blue-yellow coach Sergey Rebrov commented on the game like this:

“I said thank you to the players. They did everything they could. We wanted to hold back the opponent’s onslaught in the first half, and attack more in the second. We had good chances to score goals.

Now all the players are upset. But today they showed an excellent game against Italy, the current European champions. We’re all upset. However, we are optimistic about the future. Today there was a team on the field that wanted to qualify for the Euro.”

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2023-11-21 04:27:00

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