And copper pipes. What is fraught with the transfer of ex-goalkeeper Shakhtar to Benfica

Every day is not Sunday. After a series of successful deals by Shakhtar’s management, some kind of invisible halo appeared over Serhiy Palkin’s head. Especially after the record sale of Mikhail Mudrik to Chelsea.

That crazy transfer strengthened the football community (and not only the domestic one) in the idea that if the Pitmen sell their leading players, then either for good or very good money.

“If Trubin leaves Shakhtar, he will move to a top club for a top price. As was with Mudrik. And how will it be in the future with Sudakov, Bondarenko or Matvienko” – these are the words of another top manager of the Donetsk club – Darijo Srna, who strives to keep up with Palkin in terms of concluding profitable deals.

This was said a little over a month ago. At the same time, the Pitmen’s sports director stressed that now Trubin is “one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. He’s ready for the big club. He is ready for Italy and also for England or France.”

In fact, everything turned out a little differently. It seems that much, if not all, this time did not go according to the scenario of the Donetsk club.

Probably, we should start with the fact that the main “culprit”, because of which this “everything” went wrong, is the footballer himself. Unlike, say, Artem Dovbik, who extended the contract with Dnipro-1 so that the club could sell the player more profitably, the ex-Shakhtar goalkeeper did not take such a step. Although, as far as I know, he was offered. But he was simply afraid that he could stay in the Donetsk team for a long time.

Anatoly initially chose this behavioral line: either I’m leaving now for any money that you can bargain, or I’m leaving for any next summer, but for free, after the expiration of the contract.

The position of the goalkeeper is clear. Actually, it was clear since last summer, when he flatly refused to renew the contract. Then there was the matter of small things – for the next successful trick of Palkin and company, once again confirming the presence of a halo over the head of Sergei Anatolyevich.

However, not this time. Forgive me, Benfica fans, but now the Lisbon club is without the prefix “top”. In historical terms – no doubt, but the times of Eusebio have long sunk into oblivion. Just like Guttmann’s times. Now the Eagles are a very high-quality, very solid team of the Champions League playoff level. If Benfica stands out for something really outstanding right now, it is the ability to sell their talents.

And, as it turns out, to buy them.

Agree that 10+1 million euros is not the top price, as Dario said a month ago. At the same time, information was circulating as unofficial that Shakhtar wanted to bargain for about forty million for their main keeper. It turned out four times cheaper. Happens. For every Palkin or Srna, sooner or later there is a Rui Costa.

In this case, another point is indicative. In the financial terms of the deal publicly announced by Benfica, there is not a word about forty percent in favor of Shakhtar from the future sale of Trubin. It is unlikely that the Lisbon club hid this nuance from the public. Apparently, there is simply no such nuance. And this is another defeat for the Pitmen’s management.

I’m not very sure about the bright future of the “hero of the occasion” in the new workplace. In my opinion, the option with Inter would be more suitable and promising for Trubin. If only because he really in this case would be in a top club.

But even more revealing would be the moment that Anatoly in the Milan team would really claim the status of the main keeper, because Handanovich and Onana left the team.

You can’t say that in the case of Benfica. The current guard of the gates of the “eagles” Vlachodimos is 29 years old. He has excellent reaction and anthropometry. He has been with the team for five years now, and it is unlikely that this season he will want to lose the status of the main one. In addition, the Greek recently extended the agreement with Lisbon until the summer of 2027.

It is possible that Benfica re-signed Odysseas only in order to sell more profitably in the near future. Rumors of big clubs’ interest in the Eagles goalkeeper circulated as early as last season. But they remained rumors. Most likely, in the current transfer window, Vlachodimos will remain at Benfica.

And this means that he will be the first number of the team. And in this case, Trubin was taken into perspective. And in order for the Greek gatekeeper to be in constant good shape, not to lose shape and vigilance.

If this is true, then Benfica’s reason is clear and understandable. For very adequate money, the club acquired a very high-quality and very promising young goalkeeper, who in the foreseeable future will become an equivalent replacement for Vlachomos, who will be promoted.

If we take as a basis just such logic, exactly such an option that is now seen as the main version, then it turns out that for a couple of seasons Trubin will have to be content with dosed (to put it mildly) playing time. And God forbid that in this case he does not repeat the fate of the previous Ukrainian at Eshtadio da Luz – Roman Yaremchuk …

And this is not my desire to exaggerate the prospects of Anatoly. This is the reality. Because as of the here and now, if Trubin is superior to Vlachimos in something, it is in age. But in almost all profile characteristics (except, perhaps, the ability to play under pressure), the Greek goalkeeper looks no worse.

Therefore, I repeat: if nothing supernatural happens (transfer, injury, conflict with the coach), then Vlachodimos will be the first number of Benfica this season. Trubin will also be in the clip, next to him, on the hook. But if the Greek does not give a reason, the Ukrainian will be a substitute for now.

Frankly speaking, in this situation, Trubin’s choice in favor of Benfica seems to me personally suboptimal (again, to put it mildly). In the same Inter, even with Sommer, there would be more prospects. And the club would correspond to the declared level.

But Trubin, of course, knows better.

However, like Shakhtar.

Trubiné 🔴⚪!#Trubin2028

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