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November 18 at the Republican Stadium named after. Vazgen Sargsyan” (Yerevan) will host the match of the 6th round of qualifying for Euro 2024, in which the Armenian national team will meet with the Welsh national team. The match will begin at 17:00 Kyiv time.


The national team has always been considered at most average in European football. Even when their mega-star, Mkhitaryan, was at his peak, they still never even managed to get into the play-offs. Now Heinrich is gone, and there are no new talents of this magnitude. It is not surprising that last year this team lost to all its opponents in the Nations League, becoming 4th in company with Ukraine, Scotland and Ireland. And then they lured another experienced specialist, Alexander Petrakov, to replace the retired Juande Ramos. The same one who previously led the yellow-blues and beat the Armenians. Having moved to Yerevan, he started with a 1:2 home draw against the main rival, the Turks. But then there were victories over Latvia and even Wales, and they almost won over the Janissaries, finishing 1:1. Then, however, everything changed 180 degrees: they lost to Croatia, and even Latvia, and also, in a friendly match, to North Macedonia.


The team manages to be underwhelming in its composition (especially now, when the leaders led by Bale have left the stage), and to show a lackluster game, but at the same time squeeze out results. The Dragons under Rob Page reached the Euro 2020 play-offs and qualified for the World Cup for the first time since the middle of the last century. In Qatar, however, the Welsh limited themselves to only one draw, and in the new cycle they took only 4 points in four rounds, even losing at home 2:4 to Armenia. But then they were able to improve, winning in September against Latvia and, most importantly, in October against Croatia. As a result, the checkered ones caught up, and everything was in the hands of the British. If they don’t make any misfires, they will remain in the top two. But for this you need to win in Yerevan.

Statistics of personal meetings

In June, the teams played each other for the first time – and then the Armenians suddenly won.


Bookmakers believe that the guests will be able to take revenge. Let’s agree and bet on the success of the Welsh (odds – 1.95).

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